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Eddie puts Conor, Olly, and Azealia on trial

September 5th, 2012

Hey it’s Eddie (the really funny guy on Video On Trial). This week I’ve had to make fun of some really great (and by great I really mean horrible) videos. Below I’ve given you a sample of what I think (and by think I really mean I just wrote down the first thing that came into my mind) about some of your favorite artists. Make sure to catch all my hilarity on Video On Trial every day at 2pm ET/11am PT and brand new episodes on Friday nights at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT and send me hate tweets at @EddieDellaSiepe.

Conor Maynard, Vegas Girl
Dear Conor: I’m sure you can get Vegas Girl. I mean I’m not an expert but I’m sure the hourly charge isn’t that much. Hey maybe you can get discount by telling her you’re Cody Simpson.

David Guetta f. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, I Can Only Imagine
I can only imagine a world where Euro trash, a ghetto Muppet and an abusive crybaby can make a song together. Thanks to this video it came true.

Olly Murs f. Chiddy Bang, Heart Skips A Beat
This is the classic recipe of success. Get a subpar unknown artist with a crappy name with an even more unknown subpar artist with a worse name. I can’t wait to one day utter the phrase “Olly Murs? Seriously that’s the name of a singer?” That day will be probably next week.

Azealia Banks, Liquorice
Azealia Banks has that certain sex appeal. You know that sex appeal you can only find when you see a stripper or any marginally attractive girl in a dark nightclub.

The All American Rejects, Walk Over Me
I think the only people I would walk all over would probably be people with low intelligence and fans of The All American Rejects. Then again aren’t those both the same thing?

Be sure to watch Video On Trial Fridays at 7pm ET/4pm PT starting September 7 on MUCH.

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