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Emily Owens, M.D. Ep. 2: The Alan Zolman Incident

October 30th, 2012

Last night’s episode of Emily Owens, M.D. was sad, funny, and all too real. Emily is still reeling from telling her long time crush Will that she loves him and now things are super awkward at Denver Memorial. And the worst part? Because Emily helped out Tyra in figuring out whether or not one of the nurses would be interested in her, all the nurses think that Emily is out for them and are prepared to make Emily’s life hell (so high school). Read the recap of Emily And… The Alan Zolman Incident and get caught up with me!

Emily makes a grand and awkward entrance… yeah, things aren’t going to get any less embarrassing post-declaration of love for Will.

The nurses seem to think it’s funny to give Emily a patient suffering from OCD – a condition that makes Emily have to test her patience with her patient. It’s a cruel joke but Emily is compassionate.

Emily meets Max, a man who needs a new heart. But Max doesn’t make a good candidate for any surgery so she has the task of telling him he has a year to live.

Dr. Bendari basically tells Emily to nut up otherwise Emily will let every patient’s story affect her.

Emily meets with her OCD patient.

While walking with Tyra, the girls get spotted by the nurses but specifically by the nurse having an affair with Tyra’s father.

After talking with Max, he declares that he wants to live. So sign him up for surgery. Emily is shocked because the odds are against him.

All the while Emily is doing her best to avoid Will who seems to be upset still about her declaration. So Emily does what any sane girl would do and tell him that she has a crush on someone else already. On who exactly? Micah.

After snapping at Margot, her OCD patient, Emily apologizes. Emily is stressed that Max’s insurance company won’t sign him up for surgery and Margot suggests throwing the Age Discrimination Act at them. Emily is shocked and impressed. Margot was a lawyer before her OCD took over her life.

Margot wrote down her details and Emily noticed that she was writing backwards that caused her to think that Margot has a brain tumour and the OCD is just a symptom of such. Dr. Bendari wasn’t around to sign her urgent papers so she went to Tyra’s dad to force his hand for an MRI for her patient. Bold move, Owens.

After the rumour mill got to Micah, Emily confesses to telling people about her crush on him and she confessed that she still loves Will. Micah looked almost … disappointed? Oh man, I cannot wait for them to get together (it’s bound to happen!).

Good news? Max pulled through. Bad news? Emily lost Margot in the surgery. And in the process, she cools off on the roof and tries to let go of Will.

Ah! Guess we’re going to have to wait until next Monday at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT for more Emily Owens, M.D.! Love the show? Tell us about it in the comments section!

Missed Episode 1? Read the recap for Pilot here!

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