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Epic Mickey Game Review

December 8th, 2010

Dust off your Wii, remove that sports disc, and get ready for an adventure. Mickey is thrown back into the entertainment spotlight in one of this years most anticipated Wii games.

The story begins when Mickey accidentally damages what appears to be a toy city by spilling paint and thinner on it. Several months later this comes back to haunt him when an evil blot monster created in this disaster sucks Mickey into the wasteland that he accidentally constructed. This was the home of characters from Disney’s past that the world has since forgotten. Mickey witnesses the devastation he created first hand and is quickly tormented by Disney’s first ever character ‘Oswald the rabbit’, who watches over the wasteland and its inhabitants.

There are a few concepts in this game that set it apart from similar platformers. Your main tools are paint and thinner, which you shoot out of a magic brush. You use paint to fill in areas, like a gap in a bridge you need to cross or a gear you need to repair. You use thinner to destroy things like walls, which lead to secret rooms. The game also features 2D platform levels which serve as a gateway between the normal 3D worlds in the game.

The game also has an element of choose your own adventure to it. All of your choices have positive or negative consequences. If you choose to ignore a quest offered to you by a wasteland inhabitant, they may show up later to spoil you dinner party. You can also use paint or thinner to attack enemies. Using thinner destroys the enemy, while using paint will turn them good and get them to fight on your side. This creates a unique experience that is tailored to how you choose to play the game.

The one annoying thing is the in-game camera. It’s really quite sloppy and makes it difficult to accomplish some of the more difficult tasks. I would by no means say this is a kids game, and it can be quite challenging.

Definitely worth playing. I give it the coveted 4 mickey ears out of 5:

Epic Mickey is out NOW!

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