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Everything we know about the World Cup we learned from Vines

July 4th, 2014

World Cup Vines

I must admit, my involvement with the World Cup this year was a direct result of my husband ‘forcing’ me to watch matches with him (‘forcing’ means giving me an excuse to skip the gym). I surprised myself by actually enjoying the majority of the matches that we watched, noting that soccer seems to attract handsome men from around the world. Good to know.

Still, I haven’t completely grasped all the rules that come with the game of ‘futbol’, but thankfully, there is the internet for all my queries. And Vines. Hooray for Vines. Here’s what I’ve learned during this World Cup.

This is how you bounce back flawlessly from a missed handshake.

This is how you do the wave with thousands of World Cup fans.

Never forget, someone is always watching you when you pick your nose.

If you bite someone in soccer, you get kicked out of the game, embarrass your country, and have memes dedicated to you.

Minions love soccer too.

Soccer coaches are super chill.

Warming up for a soccer game involves doing a jig.

If I had a million opportunities I still don’t think I could make these shots.

Soccer players get their inspiration from an unlikely source.

Seriously, there’s lot of dancing in soccer! Who knew?!

Soccer gets real violent, y’all.

Thanks for all the learning, World Cup!


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