Falling in Love with Ethiopia: The Arsi Zone

November 1st, 2011

We traveled south from Addis Ababa to an even more remote region called the Arsi Zone. The landscape became rocky and hilly yet still green, but very different from what we had seen in the Shebedino District. I noticed the people we passed were so striking that I couldn’t help taking pictures from the car window as we continued the drive.

The women wore very bright colours from head to toe and carried their children, belongings, food and market wares on their backs. Families traveled in groups, on foot and with many children. The men looked like farmers and dressed in many layers and carried tools. Many men and women also rode horses.

As we saw more families moving together I was struck by how graceful, strong and attractive they all seemed to be. They were tall, bright and happy as they waved to us from the roadside. Many also moved with livestock. I remember thinking how different these images were from most I had seen of East Africans. They were beautiful, powerful and dignified. I totally fell in love with them.

-Sarah T.

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