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Fanboys Review

June 8th, 2009


When I first heard about Fanboys the inner fanboy in me jumped for joy. Unfortunately, the theatrical release of this movie was met with bunch of delays and ever-changing release dates and I kinda forgot about it. Luckily the DVD release was on time.

Fanboys is the story of four nerds and their quest to pilfer an unreleased copy of The Phantom Menace from Skywalker Ranch. Why couldn’t they wait for it to be released in theatres? Well that’s because one of our fanboys is dying of cancer and may not make it for the premiere. So the guys all pack themselves in a van and hilarity ensues right? Not really.

Get ready for some road trip movie clichés such as trying to get girls to flash, getting arrested, and prostitutes. The cameos, Star Wars associated and not, were nice but overall meh. There were a few gags that hardcore Star Wars fans will appreciate but none of it stacks up to all the other Star Wars spoofs out there. The film sure could have taken a cue from Family Guy’s Blue Harvest.

Fanboys definitely had a few chuckles but nothing to push it over the edge in the classic or brilliant category. Rent it if you must but overall this is a pass.

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