Fefe Dobson leaves a Legacy prepping for The Big Jingle

December 6th, 2013


Fefe Dobson may be up to wed Yelawolf but we definitely wanted to lock her down after witnessing her amazing sound check tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s performance at Much Presents: The Big Jingle. Do you have your tickets ready? Because we promise you this: you’re gonna get your socks rocked off.

Much Presents: The Big Jingle is going down at the Air Canada Centre in the heart of Toronto on TOMORROW at 4:30PM. Get your tickets here! Can’t make it to Toronto? You can watch the party online on our live stream on December 7 and on-air December 14 at 6E/3P!

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The Big Jingle: Fefe Dobson Rehearsal


The Big Jingle: Fefe Dobson Rehearsal

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