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Find out how Degrassi’s Alex Steele answered your questions!

January 19th, 2012

You asked and she answered! Whether it was through the MuchMusic blog or on Twitter using the hashtag #DegrassiTMI, new grade nine student Tori aka Alex Steele answered your questions last night following a new episode of Degrassi TMI at 8 pm ET!

We had so much fun seeing what all you Degrassi fans wanted to know about Alex that we’re doing it again next week! Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to submit your questions on the MuchMusic blog for Ricardo Hoyos, who will be playing new student Zig when Degrassi returns with new episodes on Friday, February 24 at 9 pm ET.

Check out YOUR interview with Alex below and don’t forget to watch Degrassi TMI every Monday to Thursday night at 7:30 pm ET on MuchMusic!

Blog Questions

KristenLeighWed: Other than ur own story line, who’s storyline are u most excited for all of us degrassi fans to watch? :)
AS: Ohhh! So many, Lyle, Munro, and Chloe’s storylines :)

CaitlynOpoku: Do you find that there are any similarities between you and your character Tori? What are they? #DegrassiTMI
AS: we both really love clothing/shopping and we both go for what we want, though we go about it differently :p

degrassikid1: What was the biggest different in working on Degrassi in 2011 compared to your previous years? #DegrassiTMI
AS: back then I ate a lot more cake and only had three lines :p

Yourlifesaver: What’s working on Degrassi like? It has such strong messages, how does it impact u? #DegrassiTMI
AS: working on degrassi is an amazing experience, and the storylines are so amazing and relatable.

Thatmariokid: How does it feel to come back to Degrassi as Tori instead of Angela Jeremiah? #DegrassiTMI
AS: it’s not that bad, I love Tori just as much as Angie :D

Eclarelover: will maya and tori become friends?
AS: Tori and Maya have a rough beginning but you’ll have to watch and find out! :)

CallMeMellie: How did it feel to come back to Degrassi as a new character with a whole new cast #DegrassiTMI
AS: completely nerve racking at first but everyone is so friendly! And Tori is a sucha quirky, driven girl, I love playing her :)

Mmoonniikkaa: Since your sister, Cassie was on degrassi before, did she give you any tips ?? #DegrassiTMI
AS: lots and lots! In fact she helped me with the audition that got me the part :)

Vina22: Why is it that degrassi is like the best show on Much Music ? i think it rocks i <3 degrassi #DegrassiTMI
AS: it’s true! I was totally addicted to the show even before I started to play tori :P

JD_Miller: If any one person could come back to the show from when u played Angie, who would u want it to be? #DegrassiTMI
AS: that’s easy, my sister Cassie :)

SaideeKelley: What’s your secret for juggling acting, schoolwork, and a social life? #DegrassiTMI
AS: school work and work on week days, social life on the week ends :)

Twitter Questions

@1DCanadianArmy : if you were to be any other character on the show, past or present who would it be?
AS: Emma :)

@Shainaa: Favorite 1d member?
AS: ummm I can’t decide :$

@alexx_0606: If you where to come back as Angie how do you think they would have put it in a storyline ? #DegrassiTMI
AS: Well my story line would be that I move back to see my brother Craig and stay with him till graduation haha

@Francescaxo1: what made you want to be on degrassi again? :) #DegrassiTMI
AS: the fact that I was totally addicted to it, and because I really look up to my sister who did amazing on the show


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