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First Look at The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover is Everything

July 28th, 2014

Simpsons/Family Guy

We’ve known for over a year now that a crossover episode between The Simpsons and Family Guy was coming and in May we got our first look at the episode. Thanks to this weekend’s Family Guy panel at Comic Con in San Diego, a full trailer for the episode has been released and does not disappoint.

The crossover begins by the Griffins finding themselves in the city of Springfield, though they aren’t allowed to say which state, a nod towards the ambiguity that has always surrounded where exactly The Simpsons live. The visitors from Quahog are also careful to not drink any of the local water, since everyone looks like they have Hepatitis. Surprisingly, no mention of only three fingers and a thumb at this point.

Peter and Homer bond over their love of donuts, while Stewie is enamored with Bart, who teaches him how to skateboard and make prank phone calls to Moe’s tavern. Well, Stewie kinda gets the prank call idea. It wouldn’t be a real crossover without some of Family Guy’s dark, dark, super dark humour.


Things go south when Peter offers Homer a bottle of Pawtucket Patriot Ale, which Moe quickly unmasks as a bottle of Duff Beer with a different label.


The two men fight, running into famous Simpsons characters and places, until they find themselves in the radioactive waste at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.


Thanks to their new superpowers as a result of the radioactive dip, Peter and Homer fly into space, where they meet the familiar aliens of past Halloween episodes.


Finally, Homer and Peter find themselves flying over the Springfield Gorge in the spaceship. I think we all know they’re not going to make it.

cross 5

The sneak peek also features appearances of Cleveland from Family Guy and The Cleveland Show and Bob from Bob’s Burgers. Here’s to hoping these two surprises mean more crossover characters will appear in the special episode.

Noticeably absent from the sneak peek were Marge, Maggie and Lisa Simpson, as well as Meg Griffin. I think the latter two would be fast friends…until Milhouse hits on Meg and everything goes to hell. Just a thought.

The special crossover episode of The Simpsons and Family Guy airs this September. Watch The Simpsons every weekday at 5E/2P and watch The Cleveland Show weekdays at 9:30E/6:30P.

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