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First Spin BON-anza

June 14th, 2007

We’ve got brand new music for you to enjoy a week before its release in stores – check out brand new albums from the likes of Mandy Moore, The White Stripes, The Polyphonic Spree & Bon Jovi. I haven’t had a chance to listen to ALL of them yet (I keep listening to Rihanna), but here are my first takes on these First Spins:

Mandy Moore has gone a bit mellow and it suits her. She could be the young person’s Jewel. But maybe I automatically kind of like it because Ms. Moore was so unbelievably funny and great in the movie “Saved!” that she can do no wrong in my books. This album is very, um, pleasant. And there is nothing wrong with pleasant.

The White Stripes irk me slightly. Not a huge fan of their music, but I am a huge fan of their videos. Even if their videos, with their quick edits and bizarre imagery, give me headaches and possible epilepsy. (Also – enter to win a trip to see The White Stripes in concert here.)

I have never heard of The Polyphonic Spree. I just mentioned this to Kat over MSN and this is how the conversation went down:

soja: i have NO IDEA who The Polyphonic Spree are.
kat : you do!
kat : you would instantly recognize ‘the’ song – “soldier girl” – i have it on my iPod if you want to hear – incredible song.
soja: hm – i’ll youtube it.

*few minutes pass as i youtube*

soja: i have NEVER heard this song.
kat : YOU HAVE!
kat : you liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
soja: nope.
soja: i tell no lies
kat : bald faced lie.

But upon listening to their First Spin, I am glad to announce that I am now a Polyphonic Spree fan. You can never go wrong with toe-tapping symphonic beats and sing-along melodies.

And now on to Bon Jovi, who I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy. This new album is “country inspired” so I’m leery, but who hasn’t rocked out to “You Give Love a Bad Name” or “Bad Medicine” or “Lay Your Hands On Me”?! And who could not forget that gloriously epic 90s music video for “Always”?! It starred Keri Russell (pre-Felicity, pre-haircut), Carla Gugino (post-Pauly Shore’s “Son-In-Law”), pseudo-90s heartthrob Jack Noseworthy, and the guy who played bad-boy Colin on 90210 who turned Kelly into a coke-head. For this video alone, I will give this new Bon Jovi First Spin a listen.


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