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First Spin: Marianas Trench – Masterpiece Theatre

February 17th, 2009


Please contain your excitement for five seconds while we tell you about the aural orgasm you’re about to enjoy: Masterpiece Theatre, the second album from Vancouver boys-next-door Marianas Trench is out next week on February 24.

But (sigh) that’s still a week away and we just couldn’t wait till then to share it with you – so we’re streaming the entire album exclusively on – you won’t be able to hear it anywhere else till it’s out!! NOT EVEN ON MYSPACE, HUH.

Oh, and did I mention that Josh and Matt recorded a special message to fans introducing the new album? Watch it, cause it’s funny and cutesy.

And if Beside You doesn’t make you fall more ‘in love’ than ever with the band, I don’t know what will!

Now go press the trigger on your left mouse button – we hope you enjoy the album as much as we do!

LISTEN: Marianas Trench – Masterpiece Theatre

1. Masterpiece Theatre I
2. All To Myself
3. Cross My Heart
4. Beside You
5. Acadia
6. Masterpiece Theatre II
7. Sing Sing
8. Good To You
9. Celebrity Status
10. Perfect
11. Lover Dearest
12. Masterpiece Theatre III

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