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First Spins: Green Go!

April 21st, 2009

Photo by Blaise Misiek

Photo by Blaise Misiek

So let’s say all you’ve ever wanted in life is to dance. Maybe it’s not some crazy 1950’s Dirty Dancing time-of-your-life kinda dream, but instead you’re hoping for a sweaty, shaking, messy party. In that case, you’ve probably already got Green Go’s album memorized and overheating your music player of choice.

We’ve got Green Go’s new album “Borders” as a First Spin for you this week, and we guarantee that if dancing is your thing, it’ll be the soundtrack for your party by Saturday night.

Although you wouldn’t necessarily associate Guelph with psycho-dance parties, Green Go have come to town to prove you wrong. The band has a simple message for you, summed up in the chorus to their new song “You Know You Want It”, that they’re more than happy to repeat for you: “Don’t hold your breath / dance ’til your death / Forget all the rest”.

“You Know” appears mid-disc, between album highlights “Put Your Specs on Boy” and “Ghosts of the Future” to propel this straightforward and low-tech disc forward to a conclusion of wailing synths and frantic drum beats. “Specs” and “Ghosts” both help balance out the album’s softer, yet not necessarily any less manic, side found on tracks like album closer “Danger Bay”.

Aside from making songs where they have way too much fun with their synthesizers (and the telephone-sounds option on your electric keyboard that everyone loves to fool around with), the band has a distinctly bass-heavy sound (provided by Kyle Squance) that you just can’t ignore. Green Go also boasts TWO drummers, Mark Andrade and Adam Scott, to carry off some of the crazier melodies they attempt (like on “Set Me Free”), as well as the talents of the “co-ed front-team” Ferenc “Fez” Stenton and Jessica Tollefsen. They also have a shiny keyboard, and a pair of day-glo orange shorts, but that’s just gravy.

In the last year, the band has performed at a pile of festivals and series shows around Canada, among them Pop Montreal and North-by-Northeast, and they’ve shared the stage with likeminded musicians Bocce, and OPOPO, and local electro-rock heroes Woodhands. If you can’t wait to see them yourself, Green Go will be touring around Ontario for the next few weeks to support the release of “Borders”, and I hear from reliable concert-buddies that their live show is killer (they dance like they’re racing Richard Simmons out of a burning building in a crazy life-or-death aerobics competition).

If this sounds good to you, why not sample the ear-candy of “Borders”, streaming right here, right now.

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