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Five Best Animated Music Videos of 2012

December 23rd, 2012

Whether it’s showing a scene that no special effect could ever create and giving colour to an every day story, there’s something about animation that really gives the viewer a sense of escapism. So when music and animation come together, magic can happen. Check out the five best animated videos of 2012!

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5. When Can I See You Again?, Owl City

The biggest movie in animation this year with Wreck It Ralph, with big name actors like Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman and John C. Reily voicing characters from the land of video games. Owl City’s Adam Young gets in on the fun, submerging himself in the 2D world.

4. Baltimore, All Time Low

All Time Love use a high school yearbook as the setting for their love story, which of course, is set in Baltimore.

3. Everybody Talks, Neon Trees

Neon Tree’s video for Everybody Talks shows a romance between a ghost and the woman who loves him, who just doens’t see the real him…or see at all!

2. Miss Atomic Bomb, The Killers

A man in the later years of his life remembers the girl who got away, with his animated memories painting a picture for their viewer of lost love and regret.

1. The Veldt, deamau5 feat. Chris James

Giving deadmau5 his biggest mainstream hit to date, the endearing video for The Veldt shows two small children who choose a world much different than their own. I, for one, would probably choose the world that doesn’t make me check for lions every five seconds.

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