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Five reasons why Jessie J was huge in 2011

January 1st, 2012

While she may ‘do it like a dude’, Jessie J represented for the females as she became one of the fastest rising stars of 2011. Her soulful voice, unique style, and big personality captured the hearts of many fans, which earned them the nickname ‘heartbeats.’ Holiday Wrap is recapping the year of Jessie J as we remind ourselves that ‘nobody’s perfect’, but Jessie J comes pretty close.

1. Debut Album: Who You Are

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When Jessie J stepped onto the scene in November 2010 with her first single, Do Like A Dude, everyone was wondering who this hard hitting lady was. In January 2011, Jessie J released her second single, Price Tag, featuring B.O.B, and it showed a completely different side to her. On April 12, Jessie J debuted her first record titled Who You Are. The thirteen track album took Jessie six years to finish and featured many songs about her personal experiences. Although her sound is described as a mixture of other international pop stars, Jessie’s voice is truly unique and she showcases it amazingly throughout her album. On November 9, a re-release of Who You Are included two new songs and her next single, Domino.

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