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Five Things We Learned at Digital Dreams

July 2nd, 2013

DD crowd

This past weekend, MUCH partied it up at the Digital Dreams Festival in Toronto, which is like no other festival. It was two straights days of DJs, dancing and a whole lot of neon and as a novice electronic music festival goer, these are some lessons I’ve learned from my experience there.

1. An EDM Festival is like Halloween in the summer.
Unlike regular festivals, EDM fests are like open invitations to come in the most outrageous costumes you can think of. Throughout the weekend, we spotted people wearing construction worker vests (is this a thing? Because there were many of these), Power Rangers, Spiderman suits, various furry animal hat contraptions, and many, many masks. These outfits were carefully constructed and definitely one way to get someone’s attention in a crowd of thousands! One Halloween a year obviously isn’t enough, so grab that horse head mask and bust a move to some of your fave DJs!

2. Water is your best friend.
We saw our fair share of people getting carried out of concerts before and you don’t want to be one of them. That’s why festivals do everything in their power to provided audiences with some water. Whether it’spraying the front with water or providing free refill stations for festival goers, please take advantage of these things because being out in the sun can be tough on you and dehydration is not a fun experience. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on your fave act because you had to see the paramedics instead!

Bonus: While we’re on the topic of liquids, we don’t mean to sound preachy (you can do whatever you want, YOLO, etc.), but pace yourselves! We witnessed a few people passed out or being carried around before even entering the festival and that’s no way to start!

3. Always have a game plan.
Music festivals generally have multiple stages and if you don’t plan things out right, you might miss out on an act you’ve been dying to check out. So take a few minutes the day before, write down who you want to see and when and what stage they’ll be at so you’ll have a plan to run by the day of. It will be so much easier than fumbling with your phone there or looking around for a schedule of it somewhere (thankfully Digital Dreams had a few of those posted throughout the grounds to help lost festival goers).

4. Two words: buddy system.
Going to regular concerts on your own is one thing, but diving into a festival solo just sounds torturous. Pick a friend (or more; the more the merrier!) and tackle the overwhelming crowds together. And never lose sight of each other. Reception, as it was over the weekend, was practically non-existent, making it hard to not only tweet about your fave acts, but also impossible to find friends you’ve lost. Seriously, handcuff yourself to your friends if you must. It won’t look odd at a festival like Digital Dreams anyway.

5. One more word: cash.
ATMs are not fun at festivals. Do you really want to wait in line for half an hour to take out money when you could’ve been dancing to a wicked set? No. Come prepared with a reasonable amount of money; it will also help you practice your budgeting skills. That way, you don’t wake up in the morning and ask yourself, “How did I waste $300 at Digital Dreams last night?!”

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