Florence and The Machine go dark in video for Lover to Lover

November 20th, 2012

Florence and the Machine have released their music video for Lover To Lover and created more of a short film that a promo video. Front woman Florence Welch works her acting chops while working with her Sweet Nothing video director Vincent Haycock for Lover to Lover, playing a woman in a tumultuous relationship who is unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn, who is set to star alongside Brad Pitt in the upcoming film Killing Them Softly, plays Welch’s partner in the video. Welch talked to Nowness.com about the new video, explaining that her role “…was completely improvised. I had to think about things that I was actually angry and upset about. It is cathartic, but you have to literally let yourself go. Ben is so sweet and accommodating–afterwards he gave me this massive hug and made me feel so comfortable.”

In the video’s final scene, Welch begins to wade into the Pacific Ocean, an ordeal she recounts as ‘intense’. “The waves were enormous, it was freezing cold and four in the morning—I was weeping all the way in I was so scared.”

Lover to Lover is Florence and the Machine’s fifth single for their 2011 sophomore album, Ceremonials.

Florence and the Machine: Lover to Lover on Nowness.com.


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