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Florence + The Machine @ Kool Haus

April 13th, 2010

Florence + The Machine by Wendy Heisler

I don’t mean to brag, but Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine fame is EXCEPTIONAL. And not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have been in the same room with her on two occasions. I HAVE BEEN GRACED BY HER MAJESTY. Ok, I’ll stop now. But for serious – FATM was in Toronto on Saturday for their second show in 6 months, and it was spectacular.

In a short time, Flo has gone from playing a packed Mod Club in the fall to switching venues for her second Toronto concert in order to accommodate a rabid demand for tickets. The largely female, largely fashion-able (said in German accent) all-ages crowd at Kool Haus on Saturday was buzzing with anticipation, and FATM did not disappoint. DUH.

This HBIC can command a room of any size – that much is clear. With ethereal lighting that emphasized her gazelle-like figure more than her face, you would have required superpowers to not find yourself in a trance. Wearing a bowler hat, translucent cape, shorty shorts and holyhell LEGS, Florence lived up to her growing reputation as a fashion maven. And the voicethevoice THE VOICE – it just knocks the wind out of you.

More + photos after the jump!

Changing up her setlist from the fall (this time leaving out two covers), Florence actually seemed to outperform herself this time. She jumped, traipsed, prowled, drummed and giggled her way across the stage; she held a note for 20 seconds and demurely admitted to screwing up part of “Dog Days are Over” throughout the entire tour. “For you Toronto I’ll get it right!” (And she did). Let’s not forget The Machine, a commanding companion worthy of the power that emanates from Florence’s mouth. Together they are a force that must be seen live to believe. I mean, you believe it when you listen to the album, but whatever – SEE. THEM. LIVE.

The whole show was a knockout – I may be biased because I am slightly obsessed – but standouts were the thrilling “Drumming Song”, “Dog Days Are Over” “Rabbit Heart” and “Cosmic Love”. I can’t wait til the setlist is expanded to include more songs from her deluxe editions (if this ever happens – and lawd I hope it does) – and it is now my mission to see her in a festival setting. She would blow. That. Sh*t. Up.

AND NOW, WORDS FROM THE FRONT ROW – here’s what Correspondent Matty had to say about the show!

I have a tendency to be late for things. Late for dinner, late for school… but there is one thing that I would never (EVER!) be late for: Florence. Getting to Kool Haus 3 1/2 hours before the show started was totally worth it. I got front row-centre, baby!

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing she was. She came out all solemnly and reserved, but by the 3rd song, she was going ballistic. She threw her fancy hat thing off and totally rocked out. She didn’t care how she looked – she was just looking for a great time. Running up and down the stage, belting out the songs right in our faces… bliss. She owned the crowd.

Florence is a machine.

My top 3 songs of the night: “Howl” (opener), “You’ve Got The Love”, “Dog Days Are Over”.

Best moment: Florence: “Every single show I fuck this one (Dog Days Are Over) up! I’ll do it right for you though, Toronto!”

Kiss With a Fist
Hurricane Drunk
My Boy Builds Coffins
Between Two Lungs
Hardest of Hearts
Drumming Song
Cosmic Love
I’m Not Calling You A Liar
Dog Days Are Over

You’ve Got the Love
Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)

Florence + the Machine by Wendy Heisler

Picture 5 of 9

(Photos by Wendy Heisler)

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