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Fresh Video Review: illScarlett ‘Milkshakes and Razorblades’

February 24th, 2010


illScarlett’s latest video for their single Milkshakes and Razorblades features a cameo from MuchMusic’s very own Liz Trinnear! Word! So obv, we at MuchMusic give it the one-two thumbs up.

The entire video is shot backwards, with band members walking down the street, up the street, across the street…there’s a lot of walking in this video. Unfortunately, the effect at times makes the band look as though their doing a sort of monkey-swagger walk, but for the most part it’s visually engaging. The coolest part of the effect comes at the end of the video when the band is (literally) throwing their clothes on and catching their instruments. Coolio! The video was shot in Toronto with famous landmarks and streets visible in the background (I spy with my little eye the bottom of the CN tower!).

Lead singer Alex Norman had the difficult task of memorizing the lyrics to his own song…backwards. Trick-ay! Do you think he found any secret messages in the song when he sang it backwards?

The song also features Kardinal Offishal, and in the video Kardi rocks a bear suit. I wonder if Kardi and Kanye West get together and have bear suit parties? In my mind they do.

Kanye and Kardi

Artist: illScarlett feat. Kardinal Offishal
Album: 1up!
Label: Sony

Check out the video here.

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