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Future Islands’ Front Man Reveals His Theatrical Inspirations

August 1st, 2014

Splendour In the Grass 2014 - Byron Bay

There are few people that can surprise an audience on stage like Future Islands’ front man Samuel T. Herring. I mean, with a name like that, you are destined for greatness. The best and realest reaction to Herring’s onstage command came from David Letterman after the band performed on his show. And trust me. You can get in a black hole (in a good way) of watching every performance of their song Seasons (Waiting On You) on YouTube. So when they came through Much, Liz had to ask Samuel who his on stage idols are and he had an impressive list.

“I always forget about Jim Morrison. He was a really powerful figure. He had some wild moves,” Herring said. “With a Danzig figure it is more like having that air of power. With [Freddie] Mercury it is like this elegance. Or H.R. from Bad Brains, he does like front flips into the splits.”

When Liz asked if he could do that same on stage trick he laughed saying, “I was thinking about getting a little trampoline recessed into the stage… We’re going to need the transcript for this video so we can remember this stuff.”

Check out the clip below. And please, please, please listen to their new album, Singles. It is so good.

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