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Gaga doesn’t think Paris Hilton is an artist

August 27th, 2010

Gaga recently told Q Magazine what it was like going to school with the Hilton sisters. The now-famous women attended New York’s Convent Of The Sacred Heart School as kids, where Gaga says she was “the smart, studious theatre and music student” unlike Paris who Gaga doesn’t see as an artist.

Gaga continues that she never hung out with the popular kids like the Hiltons, saying “I didn’t hang out with all the popular blonde girls. I wasn’t blonde really until I was 20 years old.”

She also says her school wasn’t what most people think: “People assume that all the girls who went to my school were like Nicky and Paris, and the truth is that I went to a very, very religious school and some girls were very artistic and some did drugs and didn’t give a f**k. It was just like any other high school. Except we had nuns.”

Hmm, well it seems like they’re friends now! Remember when Paris interviewed Gaga a couple years ago?

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