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Get to know your Video On Trial Juror: Trixx

August 30th, 2012

Ever want to get to know Video On Trial juror Trixx? We got all the deets here. Trixx gave us the low-down on his first kiss(?), why he likes the McDonald’s PlayPlace, and what he shares in common with fellow Video On Trial juror Eddie Della Sieppe.

1. In a battle to the death, who would win? The jurors of Video on Trial or the judges on American Idol?
Well it depends! If it’s a battle to the death of our careers, then the Idol judges would win for sure. But if it was gladiator-type brute strength like Spartacus, we’d kick their candy asses.

2. Describe your perfect date.
The perfect date would be a night of Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster… Then we make love in a real high-tech version of a McDonald’s PlayPlace!

3. Who was your first kiss?
Well if this does not include the many nights I practiced on my palm in the 8th grade, her name was Michelle and it was at camp … And she was asleep! (Shut up, I had a goal and I accomplished it.)

4. If you could give a wedgie to any celebrity who would it be?
Nicki Minaj, just so I can witness the record time of how fast her ass would swallow that underwear whole. [ Editor’s note: this is the same pick as Eddie]

5. What are your thoughts on global warming?
I love it. Who the hell has a problem with summer in January?

Be sure to watch Video On Trial Fridays at 7pm ET/4pm PT starting September 7 on MUCH and check out this video of Trixx tellin’ you why you should watch Video On Trial.

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