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GG Episode 11: The End of The Affair?

January 18th, 2012

Chuck’s up and walking, Blair’s AWOL, Serena’s the new Gossip Girl and Nate makes an allegiance with an old enemy. Not bad for the first new episode of Gossip Girl for 2012!

If you haven’t gotten your daily dose of scandal, get your fix HERE, then click through to find out what’s in store for our favourite Upper East Siders for the new year!


Chuck Bass and Prince Louis Grimaldi of Monaco have become BFFs. Ignoring the fact that Blair allegedly had an affair with Chuck that caused her to lose her baby (they don’t dwell on this MAJOR fact for very long…but for those of us who think this should have been a main focus on the episode, I’ll just say it again – Blair LOST HER BABY!) they decided to spy on Blair because she’s acting weird.

Blair Waldorf has cut Serena and Chuck out of her life, and only goes through the motions when Louis is around. She’s also been sneaking around town with Dan, which leads Chuck and Louis to conclude she must be having an affair.

It wouldn’t be the first time. And heavens no, the thought she could be depressed after losing her baby and taking some time for herself has never crossed their minds.

It turns out, Blair has been secretly meeting with a minister to question her decision to leave Chuck alone. After the accident, Blair prayed for Chuck to make it through, and promised God that she would leave him alone and marry Louis if he survived.

Chuck survived, Blair still loves him…and now we’re back to square one. Blair’s questioning which man she should be with. But after Chuck almost gets hit by a car, she decides God is telling her to remember the deal she made.

Somehow that sounds more like the work of the Devil, but that’s a minor flub in the grand scheme of Blair, Chuck and Louis’ convoluted storyline.

Dan Humphrey takes a bullet for Blair and says instead the sneaking around was to cover up the fact that Dan is once again dating Serena.

WTF? I’m not even touching that one.

Louis is convinced, but Chuck is not. He’s determined to find out why Blair is avoiding him, and I’m sure he’ll find out right before they say “I Do” at the wedding.

Serena van der Woodsen couldn’t be happier that her BFF’s personal demons managed to get score her a boyfriend again. But besides Dan, Serena has had something else to keep her busy.

Gossip Girl is still AWOL after the security break in and the backlash against Blair’s accident. So Manhattan’s wicked are sending their email blasts to Serena on her new blog at The Spectator. Serena is now the new Gossip Girl. But she promises to use her powers for good.

As they always do before they turn evil.

Nate Archibald is then played as a pawn against Serena. Gossip Girl needs to take Serena down, and she recruits Nate by showing him the truth: the limo Blair got in the night of Charlie’s party was meant for him. And the brake lines were cut.

Now, Nate needs Gossip Girl’s help to find out who did this. And Gossip Girl needs his help getting back on everyone’s radar.

Finally, Lily Humphrey hires a private detective to track down her missing niece. Rufus Humphrey doesn’t have the heart to tell Lily her niece is a lying witch who cost Blair her baby. But what they didn’t expect to find was the real Charlie Rhodes, living happily ever after in NYC all this time.

Here’s what happens next week on the sudsiest teen show on television:

Who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO.
-Gossip Girl

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