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GG Episode 18: The Kids Stay In The Picture

April 20th, 2011

Modern royalty or hum drum Humphrey? It’s the question on everyone’s lips after Gossip Girl went on spring break. But Manhattan’s rich socialites are back scouring for scandals and we’ve got our answer – but it’s not what we expected!

If you need to see it again to believe it, you know where to go! Then read on for your full GG debrief plus what we can expect on next Monday’s all-new episode!

Finally, the Dan and Blair hook-up you’ve been dying for! Except…it never happened. WTF? Let me explain…

Blair Waldorf thought she was ready for a full-time relationship with Chuck Bass after kissing Dan Humphrey. Why? We have no idea. But lucky for us DAIR fans out there, Chuck used the only tools he has – manipulation – in order to screw himself out of ever having a relationship with Blair anytime soon.

So there’s hope for Dan and Blair yet. And, as Eric van der Woodsen so eloquently put it to Dan “Oh, you are ass backwards crushing on Blair Waldorf!

The Van der Woodens are back in the tabloids again. But Lily Humphrey has one last photo shoot besides her mug shot before she heads to prison: Modern Royalty.

The Rhodes family has been asked to partake…which means grandmother CeCe Rhodes and “I-detest-rich-people-and-money-and-designer-clothes” sister Carol Rhodes are in town.

But there’s a new Little J on the block too. Remember how Jenny was the average girl from Brooklyn thrown into the world of the Upper East Side? Meet Charlotte “Charlie” Rhodes, Carol’s daughter. After her mother forbids her to enjoy “rich-people-things” she gets drawn into the world of Manhattan’s finest after spending one day with Serena van der Woodsen.

The photo shoot is a natural disaster as the family portrait gets replaced with the Van der Woodsens instead (William “I’m-on-the-run-from-the-police” van der Woodsen and his kids). Plus, bohemian lifestyle loving Carol is exposed for taking money from CeCe after she got pregnant.

Oh, and Nate Archibald and Raina Thorpe are in the episode too…but their storyline is really lame. She wants to find her mother. Nate is supportive. The End.

And surprisingly, all’s well that ends well this episode:

• Chuck realizes he’s all alone and needs to grow up.
• Dan knows he’s totally jonesing for Blair but won’t say anything.
• Serena and Charlie are friends NOW but you know that won’t last.
• Carol reveals she stands by her average lifestyle, but hadn’t counted on getting pregnant. Realizing she had another life to provide for, she agreed to take CeCe’s help.
• Lily reconnects with her sister and makes peace before heading to the big house.

As for Blair…when one door closes, another one opens. The Prince from Paris is back, and he’s got Cinderella’s lost slipper!

Check out what’s happening next Monday on MuchMusic @ 9PM ET on Gossip Girl:

Who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO.
-Gossip Girl

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