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GG Episode 4: Memoirs Of An Invisible Dan

October 20th, 2011

Inside is now out on shelves. And who’s celebrating with Dan Humphrey? Not a soul. His “scathing” portrayal of his friends’ lives leaves the author the latest social pariah on Gossip Girl.

Which doesn’t make matters easy for Serena. At odds with Dan, her boss wants the movie rights for his book to bring Inside to the big screen!

Now that’s interesting. Gossip Girl is starting to heat up in all the right places all of a sudden! Catch up HERE, then dive in and see how achieving your dreams can carry the deadliest consequences.

First of all, check out the character names (that we know of – if you know more, PLEASE type them in the comments!):

Dan: Dylan Hunter
Serena: Sabrina van Sloneker
Blair: Clair Carlyle
Chuck: Charlie Trout
Nate/Eric: Eric
Jenny: Frankie Hunter

Okay, so the recap: Dan’s finally published. But he’s successfully alienated everyone around him. Except Chuck for some reason. Dan actually saved him.

Charlie Trout is an unhappy money-hungry ghoul who commits suicide alone in his closet with only a servant to find him days later. Sad, depressing, and surely fiction, right? Nope. Chuck gets a wake up call and reaches out to Lily Humphrey for support.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m totally liking the friendship between Chuck and Dan. It’s way more believable than Nate. But why was Chuck surprised Dan didn’t make him gay? Is there something we don’t know about?

Speaking of Nate, he’s not important to Dan. Not even enough to warrant his own fleshed out character; he was merged with Serena’s brother. Come to think of it (gay, younger, named Eric, besties with Jenny/Frankie) which part of the character is actually based on Nate?

Now Nate is pissed because he wasn’t defamed in Dan’s book. Talk about priorities…

Nate spends his time helping Diana find Ivy. After repeatedly being told “NO” about getting her hands on Blair’s secrets, Diana eventually finds out Ivy is Charlie (Ivy poking around with Nate at her office didn’t exactly help). She hires Ivy, and want do you want to guess she’s gonna make Ivy do everything Nate’s too chicken to carry out?

On to Sabrina. I mean Serena. No one wants to be associated with sex-a-holic, alcoholic, selfish, spoiled girl like “Sabrina”. Ha! And she thought Blair was going to be the villain in his book. After reaming out Dan, her boss now orders her to get the movie rights for his book. She wants to bring “Sabrina” and her friends to life.

If you remember Serena’s face, it was priceless!

Clair…wait…Blair almost loses her marriage over the biggest reveal of all: Clair & Dylan had sex! Now I know we’re all wondering is it true? (and some of us are even wondering if Blair’s baby might be Dan’s after all!). She swears to Louis it’s all a work of fiction, and that he needs to find a way to trust her or their marriage will never work.

Next week, Blair and Louis share their news of their bundle of joy with the parents. Something tells me the royals and the designer/lawyer pairing won’t go over smoothly. And gossip girl will be there to post all the drama!

Don’t miss an all-new episode of Gossip Girl Monday @ 8PM ET on exclusively on MuchMusic!

Who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO.
-Gossip Girl

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