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GG Episode 5: The Fasting And The Furious

October 27th, 2011

Dan’s book is becoming a movie, Blair’s in-laws threaten to take away her baby and Charlie unloads a secret she didn’t even realize she was carrying.

Get caught up on all the drama before the next new episode of Gossip Girl on Monday, November 7th @ 8PM ET exclusively on MuchMusic!

Dan’s book is hotter than Serena’s gorgeous aquamarine tank (and that’s saying something!). So in natural Serena fashion, she smiles her way back into Dan’s good graces and secures the movie rights after her boss threatens to fire her.

Gotta love Michael Michele for calling Dan “Dan F. Scott Fitzjackass” and followed by a “I love your work!” like two seconds later!

And you’ve also gotta love Blair’s helpful suggestion (totally fitting a spoiled rich girl): “so just quit and we’ll go get lattes

But securing the movie rights come with a price. Serena admits to both Dan and Blair she was jealous Dan made Blair the star of the book. Dan surprisingly, doesn’t correct Serena when she says “It’s been her all along”.

Blair on the other hand, has her hands full with Louis’ fam. Beatrice, the future sister-in-law, constructs a ridiculous contract for the future prince of Monaco. When Blair and Louis ream her out (during, what else, a party), Louis’ mother Sophie takes Beatrice’s side.

Louis disowns his mother, making Beatrice next in line for the throne. All’s well that ends well for the royals. Except Louis finds Blair’s paternity test. Now he knows he may have made a big mistake. So he calls up a random NYC psychiatrist…

…who also happens to be sought after by Chuck Bass. He thinks sex is the only therapy, but smartens up in time to realize he should use his time with the shrink to actually talk about his problems. It also probably helped to have the shrink cuss him off too.

Gossip Girl enters the fray by going up against Diana Payne. She (or He) screwed over Diana’s launch of her new website, forcing Diana to find more dirt. She sends Charlie out once again with threat of outing “Ivy”, and she returns with all of Lily’s secret files from Bart Bass.

What Charlie didn’t know she was carrying was the fact Bart had some notes on Diana Payne. Which made all of us watching realize – wait…could she be Chuck’s real mother?

Next week, Blair plans a series of competitions to find out which of her minions has what it takes to be a bridesmaid.

Who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO.
-Gossip Girl

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