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GG Episode 8: All The Pretty Sources

November 23rd, 2011

Blair’s Bridal Shower: could there be any other ‘happening’ place to be on the Upper East Side. No, there is not. It’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s themed. All her friends are there. Louis’ back from Monaco. The bride to be is wearing her best outfit to date. What could go wrong?

How about the deadliest attack from Gossip Girl yet? Only this time, the anonymous GG is actually innocent. And you won’t believe who the guilty party is…

Find out you missed HERE, and then read on to find how clever Charlie is, how evil Diana is, and the big epiphany Dan Humphrey makes that will have DAIR fans everywhere jumping for joy!

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Someone found a way to hack into Gossip Girl’s secret list of informants. And since everybody and their brother has slipped GG a helpful, scandalous tip over the years, everyone stands something to lose if their emails go public.

Diana Payne is the mastermind behind the hack. William Archibald wants Nate to run The Spectator (that was his master plan…for his grandson to run a tabloid…) and tells Diana she has three days to put Nate at the top or she’s out of a job.

Diana makes one last attempt to make herself relevant by revealing GG’s informant list. However, a quick search reveals Nate Archibald has never used GG to get back at anyone – he really is the purest of the pure. So Diana decides to kill the story.

But not before Nate considers it for a moment. If they breach GG’s security, no one will trust the site anymore and they’ll finally take him/her down once and for all! He confides in Serena (sending her the Spectator link), who counters, telling Nate the news may save Diana’s job, but it will destroy all of their friends.

But then she hurries off to finish planning Blair’s bridal shower…leaving the link open on her laptop.

And boy, can Serena plan a party. From pearls to little black dresses to powder blue boxes to diamond rings (yes, diamond rings) it’s a bridal party that might outshine Blair’s wedding itself.

But that thought goes all to hell when everyone’s phones start buzzing. GG’s informant list has been published! After carefully picking off everyone that could have done it…Blair realizes it was Louis!

He wanted her to realize he gave up everything for her – the throne, his family, Monaco – and yet she still defends her friends while he believes they are what bring her down.

Ouch. That hurts. And Blair pretty much tells him so. And to leave! Dun dun dun……

Nate meanwhile, goes to see Diana and figure out how this happened. She admits she always planned on having GG’s informant list published, regardless if Nate asked her not to.

Which segued nicely into William asking for Diana’s resignation, and Nate inheriting the role of Editor-In-Chief of The Spectator!

But there’s a secret William and Diana are keeping from everyone. I wonder what it could be…and what it has to do with Chuck Bass!

Speaking of the sexiest bachelor in NYC, Chuck tries to turn Dan back into…a man. After weed, sushi, The Matrix Trilogy (awesome!) and prostitutes don’t work, Dan decides to crash Blair’s shower. Chuck and Dan were the only two not invited.

With good reason. After Dan makes an ass of himself…he realizes why. Chuck wasn’t invited because even though he let Blair go, he still loves her. Dan wasn’t invited because…he loves her too! And he CAN’T let her go!

Finally Dan figured it out. Now all we need is Blair to figure it out and we’re good!

In other news, we figure out how good of a liar Ivy Dickens/Charlie Rhodes is. Max somehow makes it up to the van der Woodsens (um…security breach?) and confronts Charlie in front of Lily. But Charlie manages to lie again, saying she made up the Ivy persona because of her mother. And she came back to New York to reclaim it.

Sounds like BS…but he buys it until he finds out there is another Charlie Rhodes, and Ivy is an imposter. Yeah, not sure how he found that old show flyer, but somehow he did…and he’s blackmailing Charlie into paying him money to stay quiet.

Oh, and he’s going to stay in town and torture her too…by dating her “cousin” Serena.

Who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO.
-Gossip Girl

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