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Giftbags: The Other OTHER White Meat.

June 7th, 2006

You know, if I was famous (I’m only half famous. Ok, ok, fine. I’m not famous at all. Only in New York.) I think I would feel really weird about getting gift bags. I’d have a suspicious grimace on my face while I tried on sexy, expensive jeans and held out my hand for the slickest new phone on the market. And then I’d narrow my eyes (suspiciously again, of course) while I loaded up on mp3 players and lifelong movie passes as well as free trips to the Caribbean and the tanning beds.

Well, well. Of course the guests at this year’s MMVAs get to roam through the GIFT LOUNGE OF AMAZINGOCITY. There’s gonna be a set up of cool stuff that they can choose from – lots of clothes, Fossil watches, Xbox stuff, Nokia stuff, Sirius radio stuff – an exciting melange. The soundtrack in all guests’ heads while they pick & choose will be that music that plays when Homer’s in chocolate land on the Simpsons.

If you’re not seething with celebrity-wannabe-lust already, the guests are also gonna score pre-packaged gift bags with a cramload of ‘tings – actually, it’s way too much for me to type, and I’m lazy. So, check out the entire rundown of gift bag and gift lounge freebies here!

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