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Girlicious Send Their Love!

June 24th, 2008


[Ed note: the girls from our fave reality show sent us some blogs when they got back to the states! Nice, huh? Here’s what they have to say!]

Canada was INSANE!!! I’m not really sure what I expected coming to Canada for the MMVAs. I know that most of the people on our Myspace are Canadian and they all had been warning me that Toronto was so much fun I might not want to leave!! Let me just say I have been considering packing up all my Girlicious booty shorts and moving my ass right to Canada!!! The MMVAs are a HUGE deal out here. I watched the much music channel all day as they recapped previous MMVA show moments and even thinking about it now I get butterflies in my stomach.

Ok sooo, the people in canada are truly amazing, crazy, and so damn dedicated! It was so great to meet a lot of you, take pictures, and see you all in person. You guys really make the MMVAs what it is. The energy on the the stage was just ELECTRIC! I speak for the girls when I say that for our very first awards show, we couldn’t have been happier to be in Canada sharing the experience with you all. Your support is never ending and it’s very touching :) OooOoo! I can’t leave out MuchOnDemand! MOD was so much fun and yall’s VJ Matt is not bad to look at either ;) . We also received our first award on MOD for “Best booty shaking” at the MMVAs! Thanks MOD! I cannot wait to come back for Summer Rush on July 20th and I know I will see everyone when we kill it on the Girlicious/Backstreet Boys tour!!! HoLLA!

xo NiC

I really enjoyed everything about Toronto! What an amazing experience at our very first award show as well as our first time out of the country. The energy of Toronto was electric and alive as well as welcoming, I can’t wait to come back… I actually considered trying to convince Robin to move us there lol!

Thanks for the love Canada!! Can’t wait to see you again.

xoxo Natalie

Hey Canada it’s your girl Tiffanie from Girlicious and I just have to say thank you sooooooo much for supporting Girlicious and remaining so loyal to us, you guys are helping to put Girlicious on the map and we know it. when we went to Canada we were so overwelmed with all of the love. You are so sweet and everyone is so nice, and your city is so cleannn… and there is such a variety of people and culture. Canada has quite the swag I must say. So, before I sign off I have one little request: Girlicious is nominated for the best breakout group and best music reality tv show for the Teen Choice Awards. I want people in the u.s. to wake up and realize the influence that the “north” has on our culture, so pllllease go to and vote for Girlicious and help us beat Jonas Brothers and American Idol! We can do it, because we have Canada behind us! Anyhow, I love you guys and I love that you guys say ‘washroom’ instead of ‘bathroom’ and ‘pop’ instead of ‘soda’ lol… anyways let me hush… and say “HOLLA!!!!!”

xoxo Tiffanie

Just got back from Toronto and I got to say… we love all of you!!! Thanks soooooo much for supporting us the way that you all did – U guys are trully amazing! It’s really nice to know that we have TRUE supporters!!! Thanks for making our first award show the best experience and the most memorable experience EVER!!!! WE truly love u all!!! We really had sooooooooooooo much fun!


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