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Glee Recap – Hairography

November 26th, 2009

Beyonce, can you handle this?

Hey, Gleeks! I’m here to talk about Wednesday’s episode, “Hairography”!!!

Here’s the set list for the episode:
-“Bootylicious”- Destiny’s Child (sung by the Jane Adams High School Glee Club)
-“Papa Don’t Preach” – Madonna (sung by Quinn)
-“Crazy In Love” – Beyonce/”Hair” – Hair The Musical Cast (sung by the McKinley Glee Club)
-“Imagine” – John Lennon (sung by the Haverbrook School For The Deaf & McKinley Glee Club )
-“True Colors” – Cyndi Lauper (sung by the McKinley Glee Club)

It seemed like the common theme of this episode was distractions. Quinn tried to distract Finn using Rachel, Terri tried to distract Mr. Shue from her lack-of-pregnancy, and the whole Glee Club was distracted from their true talent, by using Hairography.

Quinn finally decided to give Puck a chance! Although it didn’t work, I still hope they end up together. After all, she is carrying his baby. I’m also rooting for “Fachel”. Finn & Rachel would be the perfect couple, and I hope now that Rachel knows Finn likes her the way she is, there may be a spark. Yes, I know Finn is back together with Quinn, but I still have hope. Sorry Kurt, none for you.

The Hairography was hilarious! I thought the hot Glee boys looked better without hair, personally. Even though they were all obviously uncomfortable, it was still great to see them flipping their hair around like they were in a music video! The performance of “Imagine” by the all-deaf Glee Club was so beautiful. I loved how Mercedes joined along, followed by the rest of the Glee club. It showed that you don’t need any kind of fancy gimmicks to make a performance great…just some serious heart. It even got my dad crying!

Ok, Terri…seriously? When are you going to tell your husband you’re not pregnant, and totally faking it? He’s going to find out some day. Even if that day is when Quinn’s baby, or “their” baby comes out with a mohawk. Mr. Shoe even gave up his dream car that he was working on to put a down payment on a soccer-mom van. For the “family”. Yeah, she should feel awful.

I’m also trying to figure out why Sue tried to leak McKinley’s sectional set list to the other two schools. Especially when they didn’t accept. Knowing Sue, I’m sure she has some sort of plan up her sleeve.

My favorite part was the makeover scene with Rachel & Kurt, when Kurt said Rachel’s room looked like “the place where Strawberry Shortcake & Holly Hobbie come to hook-up.” And when Rachel came out in the full-on Sandy from Grease catsuit…I thought that was so funny! As Finn said, Rachel should probably stick to dressing like a mix between a grandmother and a 5-year-old.

I also really enjoyed the all-stool performance of “True Colors” at the end. The Glee kids seemed more at home singing something like this. I love Tina’s voice, and was so happy to hear her sing lead vocals. Did you know she was on Broadway before Glee? Huh! Her voice is really beautiful.

Soooooo….what did you think of Wednesday’s episode? Who do you want to see Quinn with? Should Terri just tell her husband the truth? Did you cry during “Imagine”? (don’t worry…we don’t judge here). Should Tina sing lead vocals more? Did Finn not look amazingly hot with long hair? Dish it out in the comments section below!

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