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Gossip Girl Ep. 16: Cross Rhodes

February 20th, 2012

Blair realizes her true feelings for Dan while Chuck starts his own war with Lonely Boy. Find out what happened on this week’s episode of Gossip Girl after the jump!

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After Serena caught Blair kissing Dan at Nate’s Valentines Day party, the two besties are fighting like it’s Season 3. Dorota, much like the rest of us, has had enough of their bickering and locks the girls in the dining room. Blair makes a poor attempt to apologize, but convinces Serena that if she shows her that Blair and Dan are just friends and can hang out, Serena will forgive her friend.

After realizing that Charlie is trying to steal her identity, Lola makes nice with Nate and visits him at his place. She pretends that her phone has died and asks to borrow Nate’s, instead calling Charlie and demanding to know why she is using Lola’s real name. Lola threatens to go to the police with information about Charlie stealing her name and Charlie quickly hangs up the phone. Nate later checks his phone and sees that Lola was really just using him to get to Charlie. Nate confronts Lola and she admits that she was trying to get in touch with Charlie, but does really want to hang out with Nate. I half believe her.

Charlie calls Carol to warn her about Lola being on to them. She also tells Carol that Lola isn’t in Michigan, but is at Julliard and has been hanging out with Nate Archibald. Carol, worried her secret is about to get out, makes a beeline for the Upper East Side.

Charlie is ready to make a run for it from the Rhodes house, but Cece starts having difficulty breathing and the nurse wants to call an ambulance.

Before Charlie can slip away, Cece asks her to ride in the ambulance. No biggie, except that the ambulance is taking them to a helicopter which is then taking them to a hospital in Manhattan. Man, these people have serious money.

Carol has made her way to the Humphries penthouse and has afternoon tea with Serena and Lily. Serena admits that she and Blair are fighting and decides that it’s time to give her best friend another chance. Serena leaves to find Blair and Dan at the theatre and apologize to both of them.

Dan is on his way to Chuck’s place after his former enemy extended an invite. Not knowing that Chuck has seen a photo of Dan and Blair’s kiss, Dan leaves himself and his laptop unprotected. Chuck manages to steal Dan’s laptop temporarily. We know that Dan is handing in the proposal of his new book today and I have a feeling Chuck is going to do everything he can to ruin Dan’s book deal.

Later that day, Chuck bribes a delivery man to bring Dan’s proposal to his apartment before dropping it off at Alessandra’s office. Chuck switches the proposal with something he wrote and throws out Dan’s original work. To ensure that his evil deeds go according to plan, Chuck is continuing his charade of dating Dan’s book agent, Alessandra. He shows up at her office for a lunch date with an expensive scarf as a gift, but she’s too busy with Dan’s proposal. Chuck uses his tricks of persuasion and fancy trench coat to distract Alessandra and convince her to send Dan’s book proposal to her editor without reading it.

It works, and later that afternoon Alessandra gets a call from her editor, outraged that Dan not only plagiarized a book, but plagiarized his book!

Lola is part of the Upright Citizens Brigade and their production of Dan’s book Inside. Dan joins her at rehearsal, but it’s not long before Blair shows up and tries to have friend-day with Dan and prove to Serena she doesn’t hold romantic feelings for lonely boy.

Unfortunately for her, Dan has no interest in hanging out with Blair and pretending to be her friend. Dan finally mans up and tells Blair that he wants more than friendship and can’t be around her if she doesn’t feel the same.

Lola is playing Claire, the character Dan wrote for Blair. He really didn’t stretch very far with naming his characters. Lola asks Dan and Blair what a kiss between their two characters would look like and when Blair tries to demonstrate with a small peck, Dan grabs her and kisses her in a way that permanently takes them out of the friend zone.

Of course, it’s at this exact moment that Serena walks in and sees the two kissing.

Serena runs off and Blair follows her, trying again to apologize to her best friend for again kissing Dan. Again.

Serena tells Blair she’s done listening to excuses and before the two can fight slash annoy me any further, Serena gets a call from Lily that Cece is in the hospital.

Serena gets to the hospital to find Charlie not in Europe, but in fact in Manhattan. The nurse tells the family that Charlie has been staying with Cece for months, enraging Carol.

Back in the rehearsal, Nate is hanging out with Lola and they see a blast that Gossip Girl has sent out saying that Charlie Rhodes was spotted checking into the hospital. Still trying to catch Charlie and find out while she’s after Lola’s identity, Lola and Nate leave the rehearsal, leaving Blair to fill the play as herself.

Dan gets a call from a frazzled Alessandra who wants to know why Dan plagiarized. Dan and his laptop head to Alessandra’s office, but when he tries to show her his proposal he realizes its been erased from his laptop. It’s just about now that Dan notices the expensive scarf Alessandra’s wearing, tipping him off that Chuck is behind this. Dan heads to Chuck’s apartment and tells him to right his wrong and fix Dan’s book. Chuck laughs it off, but when Dan points out that Chuck messing with him is proof that he sees Dan as competition with Blair, Chuck for once doesn’t have a response.

Blair, who is really selfish and never actually read Dan’s book, is in the middle of the play when she finally sees what Dan wrote about her. Realizing that Dan really does love Blair, she runs out of the theatre to find him.

And this is when all hell breaks look. Lola gets to the hospital to find not just Charlie, but her mother, Lily, Serena and Rufus.

Confusion ensues and finally the double truth comes out. Not only is Lola the real Charlotte Rhodes, but Charlie admits that Carol hired her to gain access to Lola’s bank account. Double wham against Carol!

Charlie walks away and Serena follows her, not to thank her for watching over her grandmother, but to threaten Charlie to stay away from her family. Then Serena calls her a nobody and threatens to call the police. Seemed a bit harsh to me.

Blair finds Serena at the hospital and finally admits that she can’t be friends with Dan because she’s in love with him. Serena accepts Blair’s feelings and tells her that she’s okay with Blair and Dan together.
Blair calls Chuck and asks him to leave Dan alone.

Chuck agrees and emails Alessandra with Dan’s real book proposal. But just as he’s ready to lower his sword, Gossip Girl forwards Chuck the email from Dan proving that it was Dan who sent the video of Blair and Chuck together on Blair’s wedding day. War back on!

Dan heads to the hospital to be with his family, but instead runs into Blair.

Blair finally admits that she has feelings for Dan, and even though Serena said she was fine, she definitely looks like she’s in pain when Dan and Blair kiss good night. In all fairness, they could have definitely done that in a corner and not right in front of Serena.

After months spent getting progressively sicker in her house in the Hamptons, Cece succumbs to her cancer and passes away in the hospital.

Charlie takes this as her cue to leave, but on her way out of the hospital she calls Georgina. Roh row.

Serena tries to console Lola and suggest that the cousins hang out, but Lola doesn’t want anything to do with her family. She does, on the other hand, want something to do with Nate. This means we haven’t seen the last of Lola!

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