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Gossip Girl Ep. 23: The Fugitives

May 7th, 2012

Chuck’s reunion with his father will be short-lived unless he and Blair can figure out a way to make Bart stay. Plus, Nate and Lola’s hatred of Diana puts everyone in jeopardy and Dan feels further away from Blair with each day. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl after the jump!

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While Dan’s in the shower, Blair picks up his phone and learns from Alessandra that Dan turned down his offer from Rome. Dan admits that he was nervous about Blair spending time with Chuck and pretended that the offer was rescinded.


Blair, who owns a brush, runs to Serena to tell her about Dan’s fear of her cheating with Chuck. But Serena fully blows Blair’s mind by finally coming clean about posing as Gossip Girl for the past few months.

Instead of being mad, Blair is disappointed that Serena didn’t ask Blair to team up with her on the site.

Chuck finally learns the truth behind his father’s fake death. Bart’s car accident was real, but it was planned. A competitor was after Bart and had threatened Chuck and Lily, so Bart faked his death.

Bart contacted his old friend, Diana Payne, to help keep him safe and hidden and informed on Chuck. When Chuck has his accident and needed blood, Diana snuck Bart back into the country to donate to his son. Bart was supposed to leave the night before and now has to get out of the country immediately before the person who is after him finds out he’s still alive. Bart has Chuck physically thrown out of his room, proving that he’s still as nice a dad as he was before he ‘died’. So, not nice at all.

Chuck calls his PI Andrew, hoping he can find out who was after his father before Bart’s ‘death’. Andrew says he won’t help Chuck, which makes me think he’s always known Bart was alive. And is shady.

Chuck wants to keep his father safe and in New York and asks Blair for her help. Against her better judgment, Blair agrees to help her ex.

Serena calls Blair to tell her Dan is waiting for her at the apartment and Blair leaves to be with Dan, while Chuck meets with Diana. Chuck wants to know who tried to kill Bart and Diana agrees to help, as long as Bart find out and Chuck agrees to help her start out in London.

Dan tells Blair that she can come to Rome with him, but they have to have a second interview with a representative from the school that afternoon. Blair agrees, though it took a phone call to Serena and a lot of thought to say yes.

Chuck tells Nate that he’s bought a newspaper for Diana to take over in London, which gets her out of The Spectator, but Nate has to agree to not expose Diana’s past. Lola arrives and she and Nate decide to go forward with their plan to out Diana, sending a tip about her side job as a Madam to the New York Times.

Diana gives Chuck the name and the hotel room of Bart’s enemy, Nevens, knowing that two of her prostitutes will be servicing him later that day. That is until Diana gets a call from her friend at the New York Times, who was tipped off about her work as a madam by Nate and Lola. Well done, you two. Chuck finally tells everyone about his father, a secret that would have helped an hour earlier.

Blair and Dan are preparing for their interview with the school when Blair gets a 911 text from Serena about Chuck. Blair makes up an excuse about needing gelato and takes off to help Chuck, showing up at the Empire with a plan. Lola can pretend to be one of Diana’s girls and still get the picture of Neven’s in a compromising position. Lola recruits Ivy to help pose as a prostitute and Serena is assigned the role of …Blair.

The interviewer shows up before Blair returns and Serena rushes through the door, headband and all, to pose as Blair. When the interviewer leaves the room, Serena lies and tells Dan that Blair is with her mother.

Still, they are accepted into the program, just as Eleanor arrives home without Blair. Serena finally comes clean and tells Dan that Blair is with Chuck, and that Bart is alive.

Blair is giving Lola and Ivy their final instructions on how to be working girls, reminding them to get Nevens naked, handcuff him and give Chuck the opportunity to burst in and take a picture.

But after two minutes, Chuck and Blair leave their posts, giving Chuck’s PI Andrew shows up to warn the girls that they’re in danger, along with Chuck and Bart, and they leave together. When Blair tells Chuck he should have let them in on the plan about including Andrew, Chuck tells Blair that he hasn’t spoken to Andrew.

Andrew brings the girls to the house Bart was hiding in and is confronted by Bart and Chuck. Bart thinks it was Andrew who was after him, not a competitor, but Andrew admits that Nevens, Bart’s enemy, threatened his family and he turned, telling Nevens where Bart would be during the car crash that was supposed to have killed him. Chuck and Bart tipped off the police, who were listening in another room, and arrest Andrew and hopefully have enough evidence to arrest Nevens.

With Chuck’s plan a success, Bart is ready to stay with his son in New York. Am I the only one that thinks Bart is still going to take off? He probably could have figured out this plan without Chuck and Blair. My guess is he likes hiding.

With Blair ready to head to Rome for the summer and Serena no longer working as Gossip Girl, the two best friends bond over fruit.

But like most things on the Upper East Side, their happiness is short lived when Gossip Girl posts a blast.

She has Blair’s diary and she’s ready to use it, thanks to Blair’s best friend Serena. WHAT? Serena definitely went a bit evil as Gossip Girl, but would she do that to Blair? Or did Gossip Girl somehow steal the diary from Serena without S realizing it? I’m so confused! And Blair has nice penmanship!

Don’t miss the season finale of Gossip Girl next Monday at 8 pm ET on MuchMusic!

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