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Gossip Girl Ep. 6: Where The Vile Things Are

November 20th, 2012

Dan and Serena are finally honest with one another, Blair finds light in her darkness, and Nate helps Chuck get closer to unmasking his father. With only four episodes left in the final season of Gossip Girl you won’t want to miss one minute of the drama!

Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of Gossip Girl after the jump! Watch new episodes of Gossip Girl’s final season every Monday at 9E/6P on MUCH.

Dan has published his article on Blair and calls her conniving, manipulative and says that she’s stuck in high school. How dare he write something so very, very, very true…

Eleanor is so upset about Blair’s dark, scheming and sexual side that’s she flown home from Paris. Eleanor wants Blair to focus on getting rid of the deviant half if she’s going to run Waldorf Design, and not into the ground.

Eleanor’s first request is for Blair to make amends to the fashion community that informs the masses. And to Eleanor, that means Women’s Wear Daily reporter and former Blair-minion, Nelly Ukie.

Blair and Nelly’s lunch looks like it may actually help, but of course Blair can’t keep up the sham of being an actual human being to Nelly and finally goes back to her deviant side and tries to blackmail Nelly which a picture of her in a fat suit from a school play at Chilton.

Nelly tells Eleanor about Blair’s plan and Eleanor decides that this is the last straw, announcing that she’s demoting Blair and taking back Waldorf Designs. I’m still trying to figure out why she handed a multi-million dollar fashion line to her daughter that has never made a piece of clothing or taken a business course. Oh, because she uses her million dollar piggy bank to dress well. My bad.

Blair finds Dan and threatens to ruin him now that he’s gotten her demoted. Ya, because it’s his fault. Dan points out the obvious and tells Blair that her behaviour is exactly what he wrote about and exactly why she was demoted, not because of his article.

Rufus’ new gallery is opening that night and Ivy is helping him get everything in place. But when she checks the RSVP list, she sees that every RSVP is a ‘no’. Rufus finds out that Lily is holding an event that night, which is where everyone is going instead of Rufus’ gallery opening.

Ivy makes a big donation to the fundraiser Lily is holding that night in an attempt to make her party unnecessary and sent New York’s art elite to Rufus’ gallery. When that doesn’t work, she buys all the paintings and then fills the gallery with art from Rufus’ gallery. Money may not buy happiness, but it sure helps you mess with people.

Chuck is looking at surveillance tape from the Van Der Woodsen building in hopes of discovering anything about the envelope Ivy remembers Bart clutching when she snuck into the apartment. In the video, Chuck sees one of his father’s old business partners Bruce Caplan handing off the envelope and suggests that Nate stage an interview with Bruce in an attempt to get information.

Nate invites Bruce to the Empire Hotel for a business meeting, which also includes two prostitutes. Won’t Bruce notice that he’s having a meeting in the apartment Chuck lives in? Maybe that’s where the reasoning for the prostitute-distraction comes in. Bruce won’t talk to Nate about his clients, but Nate and his sticky fingers manage to steal Bruce’s phone.

The clues on Bruce’s phone lead Chuck to think that Bart stored whatever was in the envelope in one of the paintings at the Van Der Woodsen apartment. Chuck is still banned from the building, but Nate, who seems to have lots of time to not go to work and save his floundering newspaper, is not banned.

Over in the Van Der Woodsen apartment, Dan spent the night and both he and Serena seem happy to be hanging out again. Well, Serena moreso than Dan. Not big surprise there. They decide to spend the day hanging out since Serena doesn’t have a job and Dan seems to have given up even attempting to finish school. Dan used his first paycheque from Vanity Fair to buy a Vespa that he a Serena use to escape the paparazzi that want pictures of her after her sex tape saw the light of day.

They decide to hide out in a dive bar for the day, but the couple is spotted by Gossip Girl, ending their day of fun.

Nate goes to the Van Der Woodsen apartment and searches for the painting with an envelope stuck to it, but instead only finds that one of the paintings is missing from the wall. His recon mission is thrown off by Serena, who he chastises for hanging out with Dan.

Serena agrees with Nate and begins to bad mouth Dan, not noticing when Lonely Boy walks up behind her. Nate takes off to tell Chuck what he didn’t find and Serena follows Dan into the elevator to apologize.

The two have it out and say everything that’s been building for the past two years. Serena admits that she bad mouthed Dan in front of Nate because it’s easier than letting herself be upset that she told him she loved him and he walked away. Dan admits that he was scared of getting everything he wanted again with Serena and again losing everything.

With power restored to the building, Serena invites Dan back to the apartment and to stay another night, but this time in her room. Hooooooray!

At Lily’s art event that night, Blair invites her mother and Nelly Ukie and in front of her nemsis, Blair tells her mother that she is sorry for not being able to control her deviant side and will resign from Waldorf Designs.

Nelly finds Blair later sitting on the steps of the Met and has come to gloat. But since Nelly can’t do bad like Blair, the Queen B instead continues to put Nelly down on the steps of the Met like they’re still in high school.

And there it is – Blair’s inspiration. She is going to develop a line for Waldorf Design called B and it will be for teenage girls who are the style makers – the Blair Waldorf of their school. Headbands for mean girls?

Taken out of relevance at her own event by Ivy and Rufus, Lily decides to get her name back on the program by donating the picture Nate noticed missing from the apartment. When Rufus spills the beans on Ivy using Cece’s money, Lily refuses to let the girl have her painting and the two get into a bidding war.

Chuck arrives just in time to join in on the stupidity, but with the three of them fighting, no one notices Rufus outbid them all.

Chuck begs Ivy to sell him the painting and she agrees, but only if he pays twice as much as she did five minutes ago. She’s smart. How smart? Smart enough to cut the envelope out of the painting before it’s delivered to Chuck’s apartment.

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