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Gossip Girl Ep. 7: Save The Last Chance

November 27th, 2012

Chuck`s plan to destroy his father is ruined by someone close to him, Nate`s past comes back to haunt him, Blair finally gets her success story and Serena and Dan try to give their relationship one final try. Plus, Ivy`s mystery accomplice is revealed and it`s a shocker!

Find out what happened on tonight`s episode of Gossip Girl under the jump! Click here to catch up on episodes.

Bart rips through Chuck’s apartment in hopes of finding the envelope from the back of the painting. He doesn’t find the envelope, but he does find himself face to face with Chuck. Before the two men can have a stare off, Ivy walks in on Chuck and Bart together at the Empire and tells them she has what they need. Ivy tells the men that she doesn’t want money from them in exchange for the microfilm off the back of the painting. Instead, she wants Lily to be left with no one and nothing. Whoever accomplishes this first can have the mirco film. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

So that’s who Ivy was talking to!

Ivy’s accomplice is not only Lola, but William aka Serena’s father and Lily’s ex-husband. The two have been working with Lola and carrying out her desire to see her aunt ruined. Ivy’s relationship with Rufus is a cover to stay inside the circle and to infuriate Lily even more. We learn that Ivy and William are in love (they deserve each other) and Ivy wanted to run after they go Cece’s money, but the two are there honour Lola’s request.

Bart calls Lily and updates him on the microfilm and Ivy’s demands and says that he is concerned Chuck will take Ivy up on her offer. To stop her step son (who has always been kind to her), Lily offers to call Rufus and hope that he’ll help get the microfilm back.

Rufus and Lily meet and while she puts on a good performance, Rufus isn’t buying it and doesn’t want to help his ex-wife, who treated him like dirt. But when Rufus walks away, he sees Ivy kissing a man (William) as he’s getting into a town car. Six seasons of Gossip Girl and these two thought they should be in public together? Put them in jail right now for stupidity.

Eager to ruin his only son’s life, Bart pays Nate a visit and informs his son’s best friend that he’s indebted to him after he secretly co-signing Nate’s credit line, and demands that Nate help take down Chuck. Nate tells Bart he would rather lose the newspaper than betray his friend, but Bart plays his last hand and tells Nate he know he cooked his own books. Nate knows he’s too pretty for jail and quickly decides to play ball.

Chuck tells Ivy that his plan is to plant the microfilm on Lily and make her look like Bart’s accomplice. He tells Ivy to bring the film to Blair’s event that night and he’ll take care of the rest. In reality, Chuck plan is for the police to search Ivy and find the microfilm, in effect only taking down his father.

Bart uses Nate to uncover Chuck’s plan and has Nate confirm this to Ivy. She changes trajectory and tells Bart that he needs to pose naked in pictures with her to ruin Lily’s life in exchange for the film. Bart is ready to do so, but before smiling for the iPhone, demands to see the microfilm, which to Lily’s shock has disappeared.

After throwing Ivy out of his apartment for cheating on him, Rufus stole the microfilm and returned it to his ex-wife as an apology for not trusting her. Chuck catches Lily right before she destroys the evidence and tries to convince her that Bart is still a bad man, but she refuses to listen to the boy she once considered a son. I don’t say this a lot, but poor Chuck.

Chuck finds Nate, who comes clean about the blackmail, and then receives a phone call from Bart promising that he’s not done with Nate. Okay, poor Nate too.

With Bart as her new enemy, Ivy is ready to run, but William seems more concerned that Lily is still with Bart. Shady people be shady. Good luck with that one, Ivy.

Dan and Serena have spent days together in bed, but Serena is still worried to be seen outside as a couple before their friends forgive them. Serena promises to speak with Blair and Dan says he’ll try to make amends with Nate before they meet up for brunch. I guess they don’t think apologizing for being horrible people will take the entire morning.

Serena refuses to leave Blair’s office until her old bestie realizes how sorry she is for treating her poorly. Serena is forced to be mute until Nelly Ukie walks in and tells Blair that she’s too old to make a tween line. What is she, 21? Move over, grandma.

Serena points out that Blair may not be in with the tween’s, but Sage is. Serena suggests that they plant an old photo of Serena and Steven and make Sage think they’re back together, forcing her to help Blair and get back at Serena. This is convoluted, even for Gossip Girl. Couldn’t they, I don’t know, as her? She’s a 17 year old socialite. Isn’t modelling her number one career choice? After seeing the picture on Gossip Girl, Sage goes to Blair, who confirms that Serena and Steven are back together. Blair agrees to help Sage break them up in exchange for Sage arranging a meeting for Blair with the five heads of the all-girls private schools in Manhattan.

The five heads agree to go to Blair’s show and pretend to like the clothing, until Sage speaks to her father and realizes that Blair and Serena were lying.

At the pop up shop, Sage informs Blair that she’s instructed the girls to loudly hate the clothing, but much to Sage’s dismay, they love B by Waldorf!

The line is a huge success and Serena finally convinces Blair that she wants to go back to being best friends. I wonder how Blair will feel when she knows Serena is back with Dan?

Blair is excited to tell Chuck that her clothing line is a success, but he’s busy drowning himself in alcohol. He’s lost the only parent that ever loved him with Lily and since he didn’t fulfill his side of the pact he tells Blair they can’t be together. I no longer feel sorry for Chuck. He’s an idiot.

It’s not brunch, but Dan and Serena finally meet up at the end of the day and share the good news that they’ve made up with everyone in their lives. Serena leaves the room to grab champagne so they can celebrate being together and Dan gets a call from Georgina, telling her that he’s writing his Serena chapter. OMG NOOOOOO! Please tell me this is just something he said to get rid of Georgina. I want Lonely Boy back with S for realizes! Like, Season 1 realzies!


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