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Gossip Girl Ep. 8: It’s Really Complicated

December 4th, 2012

Lily finally sees the real Bart, Blair and Chuck get another step closer to being together, Serena and Dan take a big step backwards and Nate tries to repair his friendship with Chuck. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl!

There are only TWO more episodes EVER left of Gossip Girl! Tune in Monday, December 10th at 9E/6P and Monday, December 17th at 8E/5P ET for the two hour series finale! Catch up on episodes from Season 6 online here.

Lily and Bart are taking a vacation, so Serena suggests she and Dan use the empty apartment to host Thanksgiving dinner as a couple. Maybe they’ve forgotten this holiday seems to be cursed for the Upper East Side, but I have not. Blair is making a run for Paris to visit her mother and so give time for Chuck to fall back in love with her and for Serena to fall out of love with Dan. Her plans quickly change when Serena invites Blair to Thanksgiving dinner.

Blair cancels her trip to Paris in an attempt to stop Serena from getting too close to Dan and getting hurt again. Blair calls Sage and proposes her plan, which includes Sage fixing Steven and Serena’s relationship, making her father happy and in turn getting Sage back with Nate.

Part One of this plan involves Serena ‘running into’ Steven and Sage at the grocery store, where Steven apologizes for treating Serena badly. Sage makes a big show about of the two of them being alone for the holidays and guilts Serena into inviting them to dinner. Well played.

Instead of picking up the ingredients for stuffing (as if this shindig isn’t being catered) Dan meets with Georgina and drops a bomb on her. Rather than giving her Serena’s chapter, he sent it directly to his Editor at Vanity Fair. The chapter will go online tonight and Georgina will have to read it along with everyone else.

After meeting with Georgina, Dan heads home to invite Rufus to dinner and insult him. I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around mean-Dan. Like, he got really, really mean. Rufus tells Dan that Van Der Woodsen women will never love them, choosing men like Bart Bass instead. If you can’t beat ‘em, join them, and that’s what Dan plans to do.

Chuck is drowning from the inside out with liquor and Nate is doing everything he can to help Chuck continue his quest to bring down his father. Nate discovers that Bruce Kaplan, who worked for Bart, was killed by falling off the Bass boat. Nate thinks that they should look into the death, since Bruce tipped them off the microfilm in the painting. Chuck thinks it’s a waste of time, since his father knows how to cover tracks, but Nate wants to keep digging.

Blair heads to Chuck’s apartment to invite him to dinner, but she is denied entry to the Empire as per Chuck’s request. She messages Nate to meet her immediately and find out what the heck is going on with Chuck. When was the last time Nate and Blair had a scene together? Nate fills Blair in on Chuck’s state and Bruce’s death and Blair comes up with a plan.

Part One of this plan involves…what is this? This has got to be offensive, right? Either way, it works and Chuck RSVP’s yes to dinner.

Unfortunately, Lily and Bart’s travel plans were cancelled by a tropical storm, making their RSVP ‘yes’ as well.

Serena and Dan are ‘preparing’ dinner (ya right) when Steven shows up with Sage. Serena didn’t think it was necessary to give Dan a heads up that the guy she was almost engaged to five minutes ago would be coming to dinner and is confused when Dan is upset. Well, at least she’s pretty.

Steven pulls Dan aside to tell him it will be Serena and Dan’s last Thanksgiving with Serena. Steven thinks Serena can’t be alone and sees Dan as a rebound. Blair also shares her doubts with Serena, who promises that Dan is the one. That is, until Georgina, who invited herself as per usual, announces that Dan’s new chapter is online and all about Serena.

More specifically, it’s about Serena’s inability to be on her own and her daddy issues. Harsh, Humphries. Dan tells Serena that it’s the truth and that she’s never accepted him, instead acting like he was just a visitor in ‘her world’ of the Upper East Side.

On his way out, Nate delivers the punch he’s been promising Dan all season. Dan returns home to Brooklyn, continues to insult Rufus and says the he ‘has a plan’. Apparently this plan involves a typewriter. Really, Dan?

Meanwhile, Blair and Nate have finally convinced Chuck that Bart can still be brought down. They get password information on Bass industries from Chuck’s Uncle Jack and manage to break into Bass Industries server, discovering that the car the Sheik was killed in after it exploded belonged to Bass Industries.
Chuck and Blair fill Lily and Bart in on their findings, adding that Bruce Kaplan was killed on the Bass boat.

Thinking fast, Lily pretends that she still trusts and loves Bart, but secretly calls Chuck on her way to a spa for a week and tells him that she read the microfilm before destroying it and agrees to help him take down Bart.


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