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Happy World Elephant Day From The Stars Of Our Fave Videos!

August 12th, 2014


Okay. Before we get in to this, let me state with absolute clarity that I firmly believe that the only place an elephant should be is in the wild. Happy and free.

With that in mind, boy do they make good stars of music videos. They show off the wealth and power of the artist in the video and symbolize gentle strength. I guess. More than anything they are just really cute to look at. Today is World Elephant Day Did you know that elephants can recognise themselves in a mirror? Or that they have evolved a sixth toe? And that they can detect seismic signals in their feet?

Whether they are the real beasts or humans dressed up as the beasts, they make great additions to the ambiance of a video. They are only rivalled by giant hyenas. So from M.I.A. to Coldplay, here are the best elephant stars of music videos.

Janet Jackson – Together Again (1998): This video is filled with beautiful animals but none as majestic as the regal elephant. This song reminds me of learning how to ski because it was really popular around the time that I did that.

Bryan Adams – A Day Like Today (1998): I didn’t remember this video until a fellow Much team member tipped me off about it. We spoil the mystery a bit by saying it is an elephant video but you are just going to have to deal with that.

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (2003): This one is a blink and you’ll miss it elephant. But, the quick kaleidoscope image of the pachyderm is a wink to the album that this iconic song came from, Elephant.

M.I.A. – Sunshowers (2005): This elephant actually seems like it having a pretty good time. Props to M.I.A. for that.

Coldplay – Paradise (2011): Alright, so these aren’t real elephants, but this video is terribly charming nonetheless. Pair of! Pair of! Pair of dice!

Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court (2013): Again, not a real elephant but have you ever seen a sweeter, dorkier looking elephant court reporter. No you have not.

Katy Perry – Roar (2014): Katy got in a bit of hot water from PETA over her use of the elephant in this video. I get it. Like I said, elephants are for the jungles of Asia or the deserts of Africa. So I’m Team Peta on this one. (GET IT!)

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