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Harry Potter Spoilers Hard To Avoid

July 20th, 2007

I don’t have any interest in reading or watching anything to do with Harry Potter , so I can safely surf the web without worrying about having the final book (which is being released Saturday @ midnight) spoiled for me. Earlier this week, some of the plot details were leaked (safe link) online.

Now some people are saying that the leak is in fact a hoax destined to create buzz & hype around the movie (book #5) and book #7 release.

Whether the leak is genuine or not, it’s unavoidable. Spammers out to ruin it for fans are getting clever and posting page synopses, details of character deaths/other events in the strangest of places. I was just watching some YouTube videos (unrelated to Harry Potter) and some of the comments were actual Harry Potter book spoilers. WTF?

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