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Has RJ Berger finally found his very own clunker? Good lawd!

July 13th, 2010

Arj Berger

Everything’s turning up RJ on this week’s episode of The Hard Times of RJ Berger! RJ, or Arj as I refer to him (we’re tight like dat) has his prayers answered when a hawt English Muffin moves in next door. Claire likes comics, dislikes jocks and werks purity rings. Two outta three ain’t bad, right Arj?

Spoilers, rims and pipes after the jump!

RJ’s dad sits down for one of their many, many awkward conversations about s-e-x. Mr. B explains that before RJ can set his sights and his pants on Jenny (a Ferrari) he needs to get down with a ‘clunker’, ie. a girl not as hot as Jenny. RJ looks out his window for a sign, which appears in the form of a hot comic book nerd-neighbor, Claire.


RJ makes friends with Claire and invites her to sit with him and Max and Lily, much to the disdain of Lily, who later threatens Claire to stay away from RJ. Claire is invited to sit with the cool kids by resident d bag Max, but she declines his warm offer for her new friends.


RJ is stoked to find out that not only is Claire pretty and nice to him, she even likes the same comic book! Schwing! That is, until Lily notifies RJ of the purity ring that Claire is sporting. Schwing denied.


Miles, the evil genius that he is, informs RJ that Purity Club meetings involve rainbow lipstick and co-ed activities that the Purity Club consider non-sexual (fyi, it’s still sex, people).


RJ pulls a fast one on the Purity Club and convinces them to let him join. Unfortunately, Claire was expecting a traditional Purity Club (you know, one without sex). Those English folks sure are craze-ay!


Claire bolts when the room turns into a Rainbow Bright party and RJ runs after her. Claire is moved that RJ would a) lie to get into the Purity Club to be near her and b) pass up the chance to take a room full of clunkers for a ride. Could it be? Does RJ Berger have a girlfriend?


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