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Hear Russell Brand’s fake band’s single

April 22nd, 2010


After those singing puppets and Jason Segel’s junk, Russell Brand’s turn as troubled rock star Aldous Snow stole the show in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. His theft was so notable that the character has been given his own starring role in this summer’s Get Him To The Greek (out June 4th). In the movie, a hapless record company intern (Jonah Hill) must travel to England and bring Snow back to L.A. to play a special anniversary concert at the Greek Theater. (Watch the trailer.)

We didn’t hear much of Snow’s faux band Infant Sorrow in Sarah Marshall, but a new single has been released to show that Brand can hold his own as a true rock star. Titled “Bangers, Beans & Mash,” the song was actually written by Segel, who also wrote a couple others for the flick.

Brand told The Collider that this one in particular was his favourite. Says Brand, “The title of the song is neither a euphemism for sex nor an English dish, both of which Jason is unaware of I imagine because otherwise why would have written it? You don’t eat bangers, beans and mash. You don’t want to ketchup getting in the mash. You want gravy with mash and bangers. Also a working class euphemism for tits is bangers as well so these things play in my mind.”

Got that?

You can hear “Bangers, Beans & Mash” here.

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