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Hellcats Ep. 2: It’s a family affair

September 21st, 2010

Sisters, mothers, roomies and enemies! It was a family affair on this weeks episode of Hellcats. Watch Episode 2 on demand right hurre and find out what went down in today’s recap! (Spoilers!)

It’s time for the big meet and just when Marti started to feel like she was ready to nail every jump she gets paged…by her mother. Crisis time!

Marti has a mini freak out, but it’s nothing compared to how slightly freaked out I’m getting over Savannah’s never-ending niceness. Except for trying to slap Marti that one time, Savannah is eerily nice. She wishes her former teammate from the Memphis Cyclones good luck in the competition and the girl straight up sasses her! What gives? Then the big shocker hits. While watching the Cyclones perform the mean girl falls. People fall all the time in cheerleading, but it turns out she’s also Savannah’s sister. Whazza?

Vanessa tells Savannah to go to the hospital with her sister and the squad will have to try to change their competition time slot. At the hospital we find out that people related to the nicest cheerleader evah are pretty dang mean. Savannah’s mom and sister give her serious ‘tude, but why?

Vanessa meets up with her boyfriend (and school doctor) Derrick for a drink and they run into Red (new Hellcats football coach and Vanessa’s ex). Derrick introduces himself and Vanessa pretends that she and Red have never met. This is totes gonna turn out badly.

Marti returns home from a long day at school to find her mother in the kitchen making dinner for the squad. Marti tries to make the best of it, but halfway through dinner Marti’s mom is on her second bottle of wine. Marti tries to get her mom to leave and she finally admits that she’s been locked out of their apartment for vandalizing their landlord’s car.

Savannah visits her sister in the hospital again, but her mom intercepts her in the hallway and tells Savannah that they’ve arranged a prayer circle for 10 am on Saturday…the exact same time the Hellcats are set to perform. Savannah asks her mom to reschedule, but she refuses and makes Savannah feel like a giant piece of poo.

That night Savannah and Marti have another bonding sesh. Savannah explains that when she left her old (religious) school her family turned their back on her. They felt like she was leaving her religion behind by going to a secular school. Marti confessed that she lied to her mom and told her that the competition hadn’t been rescheduled.

Marti decides to help her mom out with her landlord and continue taking care of her. She still doesn’t tell her about the competition, though.

The next day at the competition Vanessa gets slightly distracted when Red shows up with the football team to show his support. This was after he had sent Vanessa a dozen roses the day before. Homeboy is in it to win it.

Savannah, upset over missing her sisters prayer circle, decides to have her own pc before the competition. See! Nicest cheerleader ever.

Marti spots her mom in the audience and when she walks over to her and begins to tell her to leave, she has a change of heart and asks her mom to stay. Dan shows up to give his support (and continue staring at Marti) and then it’s time to compete!

The Hellcats kick cheer-booty and Marti lands her helicopter (whatever that is).

It’s the moment of truth. Will the Hellcats be able to continue or will the program be cut? Well, two episodes is a pretty short season so…they won! The team heads to a bar afterwards to celebrate and Dan asks Savannah to dance! Steamy! Louis, of course, asks his fave flyer Marti to dance. No one asked me to dance, so I’m just gonna snack on these pretzels and cry a little bit.

Will Savannah reunite with her mean, god-fearing fam? Will Louis continue to make the moves on Marti? Will Alice succeed in getting Marti off the team? Find out on an all new episode of Hellcats starting at 8pm ET on Friday!

Episode Recap 1

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