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Hellcats Ep. 6: You can cheer, but can you cheer in your underwear?

October 28th, 2010

The volleyball players challenge the cheerleaders to a football game. This and other ‘huh?’ moments from episode 6 below! Read last weeks recap here and check out what went down on Episode 6 in the recap below! You can watch episodes of Hellcats right hurre!
(Spoilers in this recap!)

Well, we know one group that won’t be out supporting the Hellcats if they make it to Nationals. The volleyball team, mostly their captain, decide to show their displeasure with the Hellcats by whipping a ball at Alice while she’s on the top of a freakin pyramid! Who does that? That captain is lucky that Vanessa was there to stop Alice from laying the smack down, although I was disappointment in how easy Vanessa went on the volleyball player.

The women square off and it turns out that the lack of gym time for both teams has created quite a bit of tension. The volleyball team doesn’t think much of the Hellcats athleticism, so the two teams challenge one another to a flag football game with the loser having to cheer in their underwear. Seems fair. The Hellcats totally have a shot! Oh wait, the guys of the Hellcats aren’t allowed to play. Um…this could be bad.

Since Lewis was a football player before he was a Hellcat he’s the obvious choice for captain. And, since Marti is the only person who can throw a spiral, she’s the quarterback. Savannah is…well, Savannah is pretty.

Alice finds out that her charming boyfriend Jake is coaching the girls volleyball team. Apparently drug-dealing football players aren’t loyal. Who knew?

Lewis pays his parents (and their laundry room) a visit and finds an envelope full of money. Wha? Instead of doing the happy dance that most people would be breaking into, Lewis thinks that the pay for play scandal that made him quit football is back.

Lewis asks his dad if there are more envelopes and his dad says that he’ll take care of everything. Lewis goes back to school and confronts Red who says that he’s a clean coach and would never participate in pay for play. But Bill, who is head of athletics, would. The two men confront Bill, who tells Lewis that maybe his father isn’t being straight with him. Talk about a crappy day!

Marti also isn’t having the best day. Her Prof has announced that anyone participating in the special case (including Marti) has to go to Nashville on Saturday for a protest. Not exceptions.

This is the same day as the flag football game and Marti is the Hellcats only shot at winning.

Lewis heads back home to confront his dad about being on the take. Lewis’ dad admits that he’s been accepting hush money from Bill to keep quiet about Lancer being involved in pay for play. Lewis’ dad’s job was cut back to part time hours last year and his parents have barely been able to keep the heat on in the house. Lewis doesn’t seem to have any sympathy for his dad and storms out.

Marti, torn between helping the Hellcats or helping her law career, decides to fake sick to get out of the flag football game.

Savannah catches Marti packing for her ‘mom’s house’ and questions why Marti’s taking heels if she’s sick. Marti admits that she’s missing the game for her law career. Savannah is hurt, but when the team questions why Marti is bailing on the game, Savannah covers for her.

Worried that they won’t win without Marti, Alice takes winning into her own hands. She visits Jake, wearing not much more than a smile, and waits for him to fall asleep. She then Jason Bourne’s her way over to his desk and takes picture of his football plays for the volleyball team. Sneak-ay!

After finding out that Bill is paying off Lewis’ dad, Red visits Vanessa for some friendly advice. She is wearing a very friendly sports bra and dancing around the gym. Okay then. Somewhat more clothed, the two talk and Red explains that if Lancer football gets caught cheating, the sport will be banned and funding that comes from football and is funneled to other sports, like cheerleading, are gone. Eeks.

On the day of the game Alice shows up with the plays, but Lewis refuses to win by cheating. The game is not going well for the Hellcats, but then – Marti arrives! Late, but still there!

Savannah covered for Marti, so Marti wants to be there for the Hellcats. I don’t wanna be a Debbie downer, but blowing off your prof for a flag football games seems like a really, really, really bad idea.

Red stops by the game and notices that Lewis is able to coach people who have never played football and even win. Red also tells Lewis that his dad called Bill and asked him to stop sending the money.

After the game Lewis and Marti have a ‘moment’ and he tells her about his dad. Then…a kiss!

Jake tells Alice that he saw her taking the photos of his plays and asks why she didn’t use them. Alice tells him it’s because Lewis has morals (she definitely does not) and they make up. Weird, weird couple.

Lewis decides that he’s been too hard on his dad, especially since he knew that things weren’t good with his family and didn’t do anything to help. Lewis also decides that it’s time to help and approaches Red for a job. Looks like he’s back with the football team (sorta)!

The volleyball team will never throw another ball at the cheerleading team, especially now that they’re cheering in a bar in their underwear. The Hellcats are enjoying their victory…that is, until Vanessa shows up and tell them that their bid video was denied. SNAPS!

Watch a brand new episode of Hellcats on Friday at 8pm ET only on MuchMusic! Watch online here!

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