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Hellcats Ep. 7: A penny for your heart

November 9th, 2010

The Hellcats decide to have a Date Auction to make the money they need to get to Nationals! What could go wrong? Read last weeks recap here and check out what went down on Episode 7 in the recap below! You can watch the latest episodes of Hellcats right here!

Well, the Hellcats didn’t get their bid video for Nationals approved for any moolah. The team decided to watch one of the bid videos at practice and saw that another team has a cheerleader in a wheelchair. Alice points out that her wrist has been in a cast all season. Ya, that’s the same thing, Alice. The team needs money and fast. Lewis suggests that they have a date auction and raise money by auctioning off dates with the members of the Hellcats. Everyone seems pretty unanimous that they can get people to pay to date them, so auction it is!

Back in Cheertown, the cheeriest place on earth, Savannah suspects Marti of having a boyfriend. Good guess! She also suspects that it’s Morgan. Bad guess.

The Hellcats have to plan what dates they’ll be auctioning off and of course, Savannah goes with a G rated picnic and movie. She and Dan start having a heart to heart, and she states the obvious about her decision to not have sex before marriage. Dan, gives his predictable opinion and says that he may never get married. I’m still shocked that this relationship is happening.

Marti and Lewis are still trying to keep their relationship on the down low so they’ve started to use the gym for their hook ups. Vanessa walks in and almost catches them. Lewis thinks it’s time for the couple to stop sneaking around and tell people their dating, but Marti keeps putting the breaks on going public. What gives?

At the auction Jake puts in a bet for Alice, but no one bets against him! Alice assumes it’s because they don’t want to bet against the captain of the football team. I assume it’s because they’ve actually spent five minutes with Alice.

Marti ends up being bought by Morgan (weird) and Dan gets outbid on Savannah by her ex-boyfriend (double weird). Savannah is convinced that her parents gave her ex, Noah, money to bid on her. Damn Christians!

The Hellcats are short of their goal when a phone in bid comes through for Vanessa! It’s enough to make their goal and get the team to Nationals, so Vanessa accepts the money. She’s pretty sure the money came from Red and when she calls Derek to tell him, he doesn’t seem worried in the slightest. He encourages her to go on the date with her ex. Shhhhaaadddyy!

Savannah visits her mother to confront her about giving Noah money. The end up fighting and nothing gets resolved. Again.

Marti has been calling all of the homeless shelters in the area in an attempt to find the ex-girlfriend of Travis, the man she’s trying to get out of jail. She’s not getting anywhere and is trying to make sure her classmate, Morgan, doesn’t find out and tell on her to their teacher.

Lewis stops in for a quick study break/make out sesh and Alice walks in and almost catches the two. Marti is relieved that she didn’t see her and Lewis kissing and Lewis is getting more and more annoyed that Marti refuses to tell anyone that they’re together.

Savannah is downstairs getting ready for her date with Noah and has decided to scare the bejeebus out of him and teach her parents a lesson by showing up to the date looking like she just got off the bar.

During their date Savannah does her best Ke$ha impersonation, but Noah sees right through her inability to finish a sip of alcohol. Side note: if you’re trying to make someone think you’re a partier and you know there is no way they’re going to drink, put juice in your flask, not actual alcohol.

Noah tells Savannah that he’s still in love with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. WOW! Noah says that he’ll give Savannah everything she wants, which is (im)perfect timing for her recent chat with Dan.

On her date with Morgan, Marti is trying her best to make it very clear that it’s not a date. Morgan doesn’t seem to disagree, but he does want to know what Marti has been up to with Travis’ case. Marti finally agrees to tell him and Morgan says that he’ll help.

Vanessa shows up for her date after running 6 km in sweatpants. To her surprise, it was Derek that bid on her! Get outta here! What a slick Rick.

To Marti’s surprise, Morgan makes good on his promise to help out with Travis’ case. He manages to find Jane Loomis, Travis’ ex. Marti and Morgan visit her at her house, but she refuses to talk to them as soon as they mention Travis.


Marti and Savannah have one of their famous heart to hearts in their matching beds. Marti finally fesses up and tells Savannah that Marti and Lewis have been seeing one another. Savannah is stoked and doesn’t make nearly as big a deal out of the duo as Marti thought she would. Savannah tells Marti that she needs to share her feelings and not be so scared of getting hurt.

Savannah goes back to her mother’s house and the two finally show some signs of their relationship improving. Finally!

Marti decides to take Savannah’s advice and engages in a full on make out sesh with Lewis in front of the rest of the team. Marti is shocked that no one gives a poop that the two are dating.

Savannah finally decides that it’s time to see Dan again after her date with Noah. She needed time to think about Noah’s offer and Dan’s lack of plans to get married. Savannah decides that having an unknown future is a-okay with her.

Watch a brand new episode of Hellcats on Friday at 8pm ET only on MuchMusic! Watch online here!

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