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Hellcats Ep. 8: Let’s do the time warp…again

November 18th, 2010

It looks like Cheerleading has less flips and turns than the relationships on Hellcats! Alice rebels against being labeled a football wife, Savannah makes a life changing decision and Marti starts to question her feelings for Dan. Find out what happened in Episode 8 of Hellcats! Read last weeks recap here and check out what went down on Episode 8 in the recap below! You can watch the latest episodes of Hellcats right here!

The top Lancer football stars are going to be on the cover of a magazine, and that includes their ‘wives’, a term for the girlfriends of the football players. Jake is front and centre on the cover, which means Alice will be as well. When Jake introduces Alice to Kelsey, the reporter, Alice tells her all about the Hellcats and their financial struggles. Bill grabs Alice and violently yanks her away from the reporter. He pulls her into the hall and continues to grab her and verbally assault her, while Jake stands by and does nothing. Nice guy. Jake tells Alice to be supportive of him and stop talking about the Hellcats. Yes, really, really nice guy.

Back at Cheertown, Lewis’ roomie is in hook-up mode so he bunks in with Marti. Dan is also staying over, but his spot is on the floor, not in the bed with Savannah. Savannah starts to freak out about everyone judging her for not sleeping with Dan and then storms out. Most. Awkward. Sleepover. Ever.

Marti and Morgan are trying to get more info on Travis, the guy they’re trying to get out of jail, and his ex-girlfriend Jane. Seems odd that a woman who was homeless when her boyfriend was arrested is now living in a beautiful house. Morgan and Marti find out that the landlord is Mr. Overton, a furniture store owner. They decide to pay him a visit and pretend to be real estate law students. He clams up when they ask about Jane and he tells the twosome to leave her alone. Then he gives them expensive tickets to see U2. Can I get a loveseat to go with this new lamp shaaaaaade-iness.

It’s the Hellcats 25th Anniversary party and the crew is taking it back to the 80’s. Marti, Lewis, Dan and Savannah decide to look for costumes in the drama department, which seems to have the most impressive costume department of any school. Maybe the Hellcats should ask the drama students for money?

Trying to get advice on sex, Savannah asks Marti about her first time. Marti tells Savannah it was with someone that she never thought she would sleep with. The deed went down in the back of a Buick on the side of the highway. Savannah asks Marti if she loved him and Marti tells her that’s a complicated question. Does everyone see where this is going? Pretty sure we know this ‘guy’.

Savannah tells Marti that she’s decided that she wants to have sex with Dan and is going to do everything she can do to make it the perfect night. Marti tells Savannah to ease off Dan and not to scare him away with such a pressure-filled event. Savannah, finally clueing in on what the rest of us are thinking, accuses Marti of having feelings for Dan. This doesn’t happen often, but I agree with S dawg.

Kelsey from the sports magazine shows up to the Anniversary party after Alice invited her to check out more of the Hellcats. Jake, totally peeved, overhears Kelsey telling Alice that they are dropping the football piece and putting the Hellcats on the cover. Jake is terrified of Bill freaking out on Jake and Alice. Alice, who has already seen a slice of the lovely Bill in his prime, doesn’t care. Get down wich yo’ badself, gurl!

At the party, Marti and Lewis are dancing together near Savannah and Dan. Marti and Dan give one another some weird signal and break into a choreographed routine together, leaving Savannah and Lewis standing alone like nerdlings. Uncool, guys, uncool.

Morgan shows up looking for Marti to tell her that his laptop has been stolen. He thinks this Overton homeslice is behind the theft and makes Marti go home to check her room.

Back at the dance, Marti’s mom Wanda decides that this is the perfect time to tell Dan that she thinks Marti is in love with him and vice versa.

Marti gets to her apartment and finds her laptop still there. Then she gets back to the dance and finds that Dan’s mind has gone missing. He freaks out on Marti and demands to know whether she loves him, especially since he’s planning on sleeping with Savannah that night. Marti says no…maybe…yes….no….pick one!

Marti goes home with Lewis, who is hip to something being square between the two of them. Marti tells him not to stay the night with her, but when she sees that her laptop is now missing she runs after Lewis…and we see someone crawl out of her closet. EEEEEEWWWWW creepy!!!

At the hotel, Savannah and Dan are about to get down to bissnass. That is, until Savannah asks Dan about his first time and shocker of all shockers, it matches Marti’s description of her first time! Savannah runs out of the room in tears. Tear indeed.

Will Jake forgive Alice for ‘stealing’ the magazine cover? Will Marti admit to Lewis that she has feelings for Dan? Will Savannah ever get over the fact that Dan and Marti slept together? Find out on the next episode of Hellcats!

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