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Here is every celeb that appeared in Arcade Fire’s concert special

September 30th, 2013

michael cera1

Montreal indie-rockers Arcade Fire made their live comeback this past weekend performing on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, but followed the broadcast of the show with a 30-minute concert special online called Here Comes The Night Time. Shot in a Montreal discotheque earlier this month (remember this?), this special gave us three new songs from the band’s upcoming album, Reflektor (out October 29th). The new songs rocked, as expected, but what we didn’t expect were the number of crazy celebrity guest appearances in this special. Well, at least that explains this James Franco pic from a few weeks ago.

To help you out a little, we’ve broken down every celeb that appears in Here Comes The Night Time:

We’re first greeted by The Office’s Rainn Wilson as the band runs up the stairs to perform. Wilson, dressed as a Mountie, looks at the camera and says, “Bienvenue à Canada!”

As the band reaches the top of the stairs, a confused James Franco is on the payphone with a friend.
james franco

Arcade Fire’s Win Butler then tells a masked musician to step aside as they take the stage. The mysteriously masked man turns out to be U2’s Bono, who is sidelined next to actor Ben Stiller.
ben stiller bono

The band then performs the first of three new songs, a dance-rock jam called Here Comes The Night Time:

As the band performs, Michael Cera (who plays an annoyed bartender), cracks a Mumford & Sons joke.
michael cera1

Then, out of nowhere, a fake retro TV show opening cuts in featuring comedians Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim.

And 10 seconds later, we cut back to Michael Cera again, who introduces the band as they perform their second new song, an even dancier track, We Exist.
michael cera2

We are then interrupted by Bill Hader and Zach Galifianakis from space. Galifianakis and Butler exchange a few insults before they cut out.
zach and bill

A flashback takes then takes us back to an “early” Arcade Fire show where Rainn Wilson plays a passionate, obsessive roadie cheering them on as they performed their 2004 track, Wake Up.

The band performs their third and final new song, Normal Person. Randomly, a centaur version of Jason Schwartzman appears on screen and is scared off by an Arcade Fire member in a paper mache hat. We wish we were making this up. Someone please explain to us what is going on, we are very confused.

The show ends and we cut back to Ansari and Wareheim’s TV show and the two are seen eating a bunch of bananas. Again, WHAT?

And to cap it off, Cera has a show where he talks about chess pieces. Yep, this was all very weird. But, we wouldn’t expect any more or less from an incredibly weird, complex and wonderful band like Arcade Fire.
michael cera3

Watch the entirety of Here Comes The Night below:

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