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Here’s A List of Ways We Don’t Want to See Archie Die

July 17th, 2014

Rejected Archie Deaths

One of our other favourite redheads, beloved Archie from Archie Comics, has died this week. In the comic, which is available now, Archie heroically jumped in front of a bullet for his friend and openly-gay politician, Kevin Keller.

First off, Archie Comics have really, really, really changed since we spent our summers ready the tiny books. Secondly, what a badass way to go out, Archibald Andrews. Bravo.

The new comic has spurred up quite a bit of controversy, with discussion topics covering everything from gay rights to gun legislation in the US.

Hot button topics aside, let’s focus on the meat and potatoes of this issue of Archie. As far as ‘action-hero ways to die’, something we never thought of in reference to Archie, it’s a heroic death. Thankfully, these other ideas for killing off Archie were all rejected.

We should also note that Archie comics will continue, with Archie alive in an alternate timeline. Seriously, how old are we? What happened to every comic being about Betty and Veronica fighting for Archie?

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