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Here’s what we want from the upcoming One Direction movie

May 13th, 2014


Hey Directioners, are you dying to see Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn on the big screen again? Well today is your lucky day, because according to Morgan Spurlock the boys are set to make their return to film. Spurlock, who directed One Direction’s first concert movie One Direction: This Is Us, has confirmed that the boys are being filmed for a sequel.

“Yes, there will be a follow-up to ‘This Is Us,’ at this moment Ben Winston [producer] is with the band on their world tour filming what happens. He worked with me and is a great producer,” he said.

The sequel will follow the UK boy band on their Where We Are worldwide tour which began April 25. This Is US debuted number one at the box office opening weekend and is the third highest selling concert movie grossing almost $68 million worldwide. But don’t get your Liam t-shirts and Harry headbands ready quite yet, a representative from the band denies that the boys are filming a sequel at this time. However, the band was seen in Peru with cameramen so there is still hope for a new movie.

Forgive me fellow Directioners for asking this, but do we really need a This is Us sequel? The first movie was good, but it felt like something was missing. There was no definite storyline and mainly showed fans raving how much they loved the boys. Sure it was nice to see Zayn’s glorious cheekbones enlarged on a big screen, but I wanted more. If the rumours are true, here’s a few suggestions on how I think they can improve the sequel:

Less sleeping
We get it, touring is tough and very straining, but how many shots of Harry sleeping do we have to see?


More Cameos
The first movie had some brief cameos from Simon Cowell, Chris Rock, and Martin Scorsese. The boys are clearly more famous now then when they filmed the first movie and thus can probably get some of their celebrity friends to make an appearance. Maybe Ed Sheeran, or maybe even Zayn’s fiancee Perrie Edwards and her girl band Little Mix.


More behind-the-scenes drama
A behind-the-scenes look to the tour is nice but a real behind-the-scenes look into the boys’ personal lives is better. What made Katy Perry’s concert movie Part of Me so interesting is that she discussed her divorce with Russell Brand. It’s this personal look into their lives that really let’s fans connect. You hear that Harry, I want to know what happened between you and Kendall Jenner.

giphy (2)

Funny moments
What makes One Direction so lovable is their fun and child-like attitude. This is Us was filled with quirky and adorable scenes of the boys goofing off. Keep being your weird and adorable selves guys.

giphy (4)

More topless scenes
I know this movie will probably be garnered towards teenage girls, but if you’re going to make me sit through two hours of Niall making fans scream, then make it worth my while. Show some more skin! It’s a definite way to get people to come see the movie, and open One Direction to a whole new demographic.

giphy (3)

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