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Hey – here we are at the new page for our blog and we’re all blue and stuff. …

August 29th, 2002

Hey – here we are at the new page for our blog and we’re all blue and stuff. Neat!

It was quite the moment today when I launched a browser and the new site came up as my homepage. It’s so clean and shiny and new! No more looking at a black background all day.

In other news…
I saw a silly movie called ‘The Sweetest Thing.’ It made me laugh. I liked it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was no RUSHMORE, but I managed a few giggles. Surprisingly Matt Brett liked it too. Surprising, for 2 reasons. One, the studded curmudgeon hates everything. And two, we have the exact opposite opinion on so many things that it really is a rare occurrence when we agree. For example, right now he’s asking why no one replied to the email he just sent us about elephant balls. Sigh…’cause it wasn’t funny.

We both recommended the movie to Ryan. Who knew he would hate it so much? We thought it was funny! So Ryan’s asked for an alternate recommendation so that we can redeem ourselves. Not that I need to redeem myself Mr. O’Brien, but here are 2 things you need to check out:

Watch: Y Tu Mama Tambien
Listen: ‘Turn on the Bright Lights’ – Interpol

How’s that Ry?

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