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How Did Beyonce Pull This Off?

April 27th, 2009


Dear “Obsessed”,

When I first saw your promotional trailer, I scoffed. Big time. I wasn’t even shy about it – in fact, I announced to all around me (one person) that this movie is obviously straight-to-DVD quality and it only made it to the big screen through the power of Michael Knowles. I was certain it would bomb at the box office. Wellsir, I WAS WRONG.

Obsessed opened this weekend and took the top spot with almost $30 million. Whether it be through the successes of obsessive marketing (the poster is EVERYWHERE), or Beyonce’s star power, the flick managed to pull off something unforeseen. And so, dear you, I eat my words.**

**I still stand by my opinion that it looks like a straight-to-DVD release.

Did you see Obsessed? What did you think? Apparently Idris and Ali Larter are quite good and Bey is a little stiff.

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