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How I Met Your Mother pays homage to MuchMusic

February 5th, 2013

Last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was ‘maple themed’, with Vancouver-born actress Colbie Smulder’s character Robin Scherbatsky having more of her past as Canadian teen pop singer Robin Sparkles explored on the show. In the episode, titled P.S. I Love You, Scherbatsky’s fiance Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris, finds an old episode of Behind The Tunes, the ‘MuchMusic version’ of VH1’s Behind the Music, which chronicled Robin’s move from pop to grunge singer.

The episode featured an impressive list of Canadian entertainers, including Jason Priestly, Alan Thicke, kd Lang, Geddy Lee and Paul Schaffer, who all acted as themselves while remembering Robin Sparkles transition to Robin Daggers. And if there was any question over whether Robin’s evolution from a pop singer to the princess of grunge was based on Alanis Morissette, Dave Coulier’s hilarious reassurance to the camera that Sparkle’s break up song was not about him definitely sealed the comparison (Morissette’s You Oughta Know is widely believed to have been written about her relationship with Coulier).

With many Canadian references, including an entire scene in Tim Hortons, an album reaching ‘maple’ status, and celebrities remembering what donut they were eating when Sparkles had a break down during the Grey Cup, the honey glaze on the timbit was definitely the numerous references to MuchMusic. Thank you, How I Met Your Mother. Expect our politely worded note along with a box of Dutchies shortly.

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