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How much is the music of Julian Casablancas worth?

June 24th, 2014


Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas has begun selling digital pre-orders for his brand new solo album, under the name Julian Casablancas + The Voidz, for the bargain price of $3.87 (U.S.). For any Strokes/Julian lifer getting Tyranny for that price seems like an absolute steal, so unless you are more of a physical music fan it seems like a no-brainer. Maybe he has nerves over releasing a new LP after the bizarre meltdown and unfortunate events that befell his disastrous SXSW show this past March? Maybe he’s a nice guy who wants his fans to buy his music at an affordable price? Or maybe he just realizes anyone can Google the album and find some link to illegally DL it, thus losing out on even $3.87. No matter how bad Tyranny is, the price seems right. Unless it turns out to be a live recording of that March 13 FADER Fort show.

This got us thinking about how much Julian’s previous work is worth. Based on the iTunes pricing, which, let’s say tops out at $9.99, we ranked all six of his albums, including the five Strokes LPs. Pay no more than the following prices.

The Strokes Comedown Machine (2013)
comedown machine
Arguably the worst album in the Strokes’ library, Comedown Machine felt a bit half-assed, considering the band’s refusal to both tour and promote the album with interviews. No real single also damned their chances of having success without doing any of the work.
Pay no more than $4.44.

The Strokes Angles (2011)
Five years in the making, Angles was feverishly anticipated, especially considering the time they invested in making it. Jaunty lead single “Under Cover of Darkness” showed there was promise, but the New Yorkers tried a little too much in the studio, resulting in a new wave album that went all over the place.
Pay no more than $5.92.

Julian Casablancas Phrazes for the Young (2009)
Like any popular frontman’s solo album, Julian’s debut album wasn’t expected to better any Strokes album at the time, but between it and the last two by his band I’d likely choose Phrazes for the Young, purely for its wide-eyed experimentation. Julian opted to go whole hog, revealing a hot and heavy synth fetish that ventured deep into the dimensions of prog.
Pay no more than $6.08.

The Strokes First Impressions of Earth (2006)
first impressions
Although it kicks off with one of the best Strokes songs period, “You Only Live Once,” First Impressions of Earth was a bloated, overindulgent affair that could’ve been great had it come in at a svelte ten songs. Swampy, bro-rock anthem “Juicebox” was a poor choice for a first single, and should’ve been left on the cutting room floor. Still, it was hard not to admire some of the risks they took, breaking out of their comfort zone with the neo-classical “Ask Me Anything.”
Pay no more than $7.11.

The Strokes Room On Fire (2003)
room on fire
The Strokes never had a chance to top their debut album. And truth be told, Room On Fire never felt like they were trying to. However, for a follow-up to one of the most revered albums in recent memory, the boys turned in a much looser, casual effort that found them exploring new wave influences with great success. Devoid of the anthems Is This It offered up, Room On Fire had all of the requisite hooks to make it one of the best and definitely most underrated second albums by any band ever.
Pay no more than $9.00.

The Strokes Is This It (2003)
is this it
You’ve got to be kidding me if you don’t already own this.
I’d say “Pay no more than $9.99″ but it’s worth paying more.

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