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How’d they do that? Top 10 creative videos of 2010

December 19th, 2010

Whether it was tricks of the eye, impressive slow motion effects, engaging audiences by making them stars of the music video or just a general how dey do dat, 2010 had some impressive videos. The bar on impressive do-it-yourself music videos was set high in 2006 with OK Go’s Here It Goes Again and the band made two entries on our list this year. Check out who else made the list after the jump!

This Too Shall PassOK Go

This too shall pass, and in the coolest way possible. The continuous shot of an impressive Rube Goldberg Machine makes it impossible to look away from this video. Using over 700 household products to make a half mile course, this DIY video got over 6 million views on YouTube in the first six days.

White KnucklesOK Go

Best. Trained. Dogs. Ever.


Canadian band Hollerado paid tribute to the U S of A in this impressive home-made video. The video took days of preparation to make the 420 sequences move seamlessly throughout one extreme slow-motion shot that was later sped up. While shooting the video, Americanarama was slowed down by 400% in order to give the 24 stage hands enough time to complete all of the sequences, meaning Hollerado performed their song four times slower than its normal rate, taking thirteen minutes to complete the entire video in one take.

Don’t Let Me FallB.o.B.

Giving the video a bit of a Virtual Insanity vibe, B.o.B. somehow manages to not fall throughout the video, even when gravity has other plans.

Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars

It’s no surprise that an artist who named his debut album Doo Wops and Hooligans included an old-school vibe in his first solo music video. Using the tape of a cassette, Bruno Mars creatively animates his way through one of his many swoon-inducing songs.


This video from Hedley is nothing short of perfect. Love found and lost is depicted in suspended time, set to one of the groups most successful songs. The pop rockers took a big risk with this avante garde video and it paid off.


Uffie plays tricks on our eyes in this spinning video. It’s a little Mean Girls, a little Skins, and a whole lot of cool.

PowerKanye West feat. Pusha T

Kanye West teamed up with visual artist Marco Brambilla to make a painting come to life in his first video off his latest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Brambilla said that he took West’s line “No one man should have all this power” and created a video that examined what power literally looked like.

The Wilderness DowntownArcade Fire

Easily one of the most creative videos released in 2010, Arcade Fire puts the viewer in the front and centre of their own personal video. Simply type in the address of your childhood home and you instantly become the star of The Wilderness Downtown.

Click here to make your own music video for Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown.

Opposite of AdultsChiddy Bang

Giant heads on normal size people. It’s like bobble heads come to life. I love it.

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